Our Story

Established in 1983, Shireburn Software specialise in assisting clients to identify improvement opportunities in their business processes and address them through the development and application of software solutions.

With a track record of development of a string of internationally successful software products, Shireburn continues to innovate and lead the market, developing applications aimed at specific niche business needs.

Our Activities

Shireburn’s main areas of activity are

Development and support of cloud-based business products known as Indigo, catering mostly for HR, payroll, time and attendance management.

Development and support of business software products known as the Shireburn Business Suite, providing a core set of solutions for accounting, inventory, point-of-sale, document management and freight amongst others

Implementation and support of eSecurity and Business Continuity measures

Shireburn’s success story spans local and international markets with highly specialised solutions to address the needs of several businesses. Locally, our Shireburn Business Suite is used by businesses from a wide-range of sectors helping them achieve operational excellence within their respective markets.


Our Pledge to Our Customers

At Shireburn we endeavour to build high quality, innovative software that will make life better for our clients. Our ISO 9001:2015 certified Quality Management System ensures that we confirm to industry best-practices to ensure that our products live up to our clients’ expectations, as well as our own.

Shireburn’s culture revolves around learning quickly as this allows us to quickly improve our products, processes and team development with the latest innovations. We believe that the best way to learn is to do, and the best way to do something is to ship it. This is why we ship new features and functionality to our clients as quickly as possible, allowing them to give us feedback to continuously improve our products.

We strive to ensure a great customer experience throughout a customer’s time using our products and services, from the first touch point with our sales team, to implementation and on-going support.

No matter how great our products are, we know that sometimes our clients look to us for help and advice. This is why we are committed to provide the most responsive and professional support possible to ensure our clients are supported if any unexpected issues arise. 

We make sure our clients are happy and engaged with our products through periodic customer surveys and interviews.  

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

At Shireburn, we feel strongly about giving back to the community in which we operate. This is why we support numerous philanthropic organisations whose focus varies from sustaining the environment and promoting education to physical and mental wellbeing and preserving our national heritage.  

Partnerships & Integrations

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