Shireburn Indigo payroll and attendance management solution reaches 60,000 users locally

Shireburn Software announced that its cloud payroll and attendance management solution, Shireburn Indigo, has grown to 60,000 employees following its launch in 2015.

Shireburn Indigo is an innovative web-based payroll and time and attendance solution that includes an employee portal for staff to apply for vacation leave, check their own leave balances, download their payslips as well as view their FS3s.

Shireburn announced that its Shireburn Indigo platform continues to strengthen its position as the software of choice for Maltese businesses, as it gains strong market share, with a 20% increase of users since just last February, when Shireburn announced that the number of users had reached 50,000.

The solution drastically reduces much of the administrative load placed on HR and payroll departments, consolidating various processes into one system, whilst engaging employees with an element of self-service in a highly secured environment.

 “We are pleased with the rapid growth of the Payroll and new T&A solutions, after considerable investment in our Indigo platform,” said Shireburn Software CEO Nathan Farrugia. ”Our experience in the field, coupled with our best-in-class customer support are undoubtedly key elements of why Indigo has been such a success, and at the foundation of all this is our people. The leadership team and the people across the business are all working for the same purpose – to help our clients run their businesses more successfully”

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Shireburn staff help local NGO Integra Foundation

Shireburn Software has partnered with the Integra Foundation, a local NGO, to provide education to migrants looking to integrate and gain employability within the Maltese community. This initiative consists of a course spread over 12 weeks and is aimed at migrants with a basic knowledge of the English language.

This education programme was organised as part of what has become a yearly tradition at Shireburn, whereby its directors annually give up their Christmas gifts and recommend staff instead to assist or donate to a good cause.

Left to right: Neil Caruana and Claire Farrugia from Shireburn Software, Rachel Baldacchino from Integra Foundation

For the past months, Shireburn’s social committee together with Integra Foundation have worked to organise an education programme, which provides migrants with education in the English language, enabling them to seek employment within the Maltese community.

Integra Foundation is a local NGO that works towards the inclusion of asylum seekers and refugees in Malta, with a focus on young people. The organisation seeks to provide education in the community and to facilitate access to higher education.

This initiative enables the NGO to provide basic language education, stationery as well as carry out an intensive and inclusive educational programme. This will also help Integra Foundation achieve its vision to support inclusive, non-discriminating and non-disabling societies, where all individuals have the right to human dignity, freedom, respect and social justice.

“Thanks to the altruistic and collaborative efforts of the whole team, a considerable contribution has been made towards this worthy cause,” said John de Giorgio, Chairman. “Giving back to our community is something that has been instilled in the Shireburn company culture from the top down, and we look forward to supporting this and many other organisations throughout the year.”