Indigo Mobile arrives to the Indigo Suite

The new mobile app from Shireburn Software provides you real-time attendance records, allows you to monitor remote workers, makes rostering simple, and lets employees clock in and out for work by using their mobile phone.

Shireburn Software is proud to announce the release of Indigo Mobile, an iPhone and Android application that works together with Indigo Attendance and allows employees to clock in and out of their shifts with their mobile phones. The app gives employees an easier way to record their attendance on the job while providing you a time-saving and reliable way to manage and track employee attendance. The app further enhances a key functionality of the Indigo Suite: the ability to send attendance records directly to Indigo Payroll. All clockings that employees register in the app are synced in real-time with Indigo Attendance, and that data can then be sent to your payrolls for quick payroll calculations.

Indigo Mobile joins the Indigo Suite line of products designed for you to efficiently run your business; The app empowers your employees to take ownership of their time worked and equips them to be prepared for upcoming shifts.

Read on to learn more about how Indigo Mobile can improve your rostering and attendance tracking workflow:

A simple and reliable method to attendance tracking

The way we work – especially where we work – changes rapidly. More and more workers are granted the right to work remotely, and companies need a way to accurately and efficiently monitor and manage the attendance of remote individuals and teams. Likewise, employees need a simple tool to help them track their attendance when abroad or out of the office.

In comes Indigo Mobile – the app that gives remote or on-the-go employees the ability to accurately log their working hours while giving you the assurance of accuracy and accountability. Clocking in and out of work is as easy as tapping a button.

But the app is not only for workers on the move; Indigo Mobile is an ideal alternative to traditional on-site clocking devices. Everyone can punch into work with their mobile device in one hand and a delicious coffee in the other, and the attendance records are immediately sent to Indigo Attendance.

Employees do not even need to be connected to Wi-Fi or mobile data when clocking in. Clockings can be registered when offline, and all attendance data syncs in real-time with the Indigo Attendance system once the mobile phone is connected.

Additionally, employees can have multiple profiles on Indigo Mobile, permitting them to clock in and out for their work within their different roles. Indigo Mobile utilises the latest fingerprint and facial recognition technology that many modern smartphones offer so that the profile can only be opened by the employee.

Keeping everyone punctual and informed

Employees can see their shifts directly in the app. Indigo Mobile takes information from the Scheduler in  Attendance to deliver to employees their personal work schedules. The more information you provide for each shift preset in Indigo Attendance – such as timings, breaks, and cost centers – the more informed the employee will be about their upcoming shifts. Plus, employees can scroll forwards several days or weeks in advance to see the work planned for them.

Every time you update the Scheduler in Indigo Attendance with shifts or holidays, the respective employee will be able to see the changes to their schedule instantly. This reduces the need to print or e-mail schedules week to week.

Geolocation tracking for accountability

Each clocking is tagged with the employee’s current location, and you can then go to the Clockings Data page of Indigo Attendance to see from where each employee clocked in and out. This puts you in a position to account for your teams’ locations, whether in or out of the office.GeotrackingLocations can only be seen by Indigo users with access to the Attendance module. The use of location data is supported by our GDPR and data protection policy.

Clocking in and out at the tap of a button

The clock in and out buttons are found on the main screen below the employees’ schedules. Tapping clock in starts the timer, which continues to run and display the elapsed time of the current punch in. The clock runs in the background of the device, allowing users to exit the app without fear of cutting a shift timing short.

Attendance history is easy to review thanks to the Clockings tab of each shift. Every punch is registered in this tab, and employees can then review the exact times they’ve been on or off the clock.Should an employee miss a timing, a “Missed Clocking” placeholder appears. Missed clockings can be corrected directly by the employee if permitted, or by the Attendance administrator in the clocking page. They can also clockings manually if you allow them to do so. When the employee needs to clock out for a break, they just need to tap clock out when leaving and then clock in when returning.


Choose who in your roster can use Indigo Mobile

There is minimal setup required to start using Indigo Mobile (granted that you already have Indigo Attendance up and running), and you can selectively choose which of your employees benefit from the app.

All you need to do is create and assign an Indigo Mobile permission set in Indigo, and then assign that permission set to the employees whom you want to use Indigo Mobile. (We have an article in our help centre which explains how to do this.)

After this, you can then prompt the employees you’ve assigned the Indigo Mobile permission set to download the app for their iPhone or Android devices and for them to log in with their Indigo accounts. There is a new page in Indigo Payroll called Invite Employees to Indigo Mobile App from where you can do this.Once the employees log in to their Indigo Mobile profiles, they will see their schedules in the app, and they will be ready to clock in and out for work.

You can assign and invite additional employees to use Indigo Mobile at any time.

Send attendance data directly to Indigo Payroll for payroll calculations

One of the premier features of the Indigo Suite is the ability to send attendance data from Attendance directly to a payroll period in Indigo Payroll for quick and easy wage calculations.

Indigo Mobile further improves this feature by feeding Indigo Attendance with clocking records from your on- or off-site employees.

Every clocking your employees register through the app is synced with Indigo Attendance, giving you timely and precise attendance data that can be sent to Indigo Payroll for payroll calculations when it’s time to pay your employees.

Admins can make corrections to clockings before sending the data for payroll calculations. Once that is finished, timesheets can be sent to Indigo Payroll at the click of a button. No more collecting or recounting attendance data from each employee, team, or department.

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Indigo Mobile is available now in the App Store and Google Play.






Shireburn’s Indigo Suite event partner at the FHRD Annual HR conference

Shireburn’s Indigo Suite showcased its fresh new rebranded look and several innovations at this year’s Foundation for Human Resources (FHRD) Annual HR Conference. The event took place on Wednesday 23rd October at the Hilton, Malta.

Delegates who visited the stand had the opportunity to get a first look at the beta version of the new Indigo Mobile App. This allows employees to clock into work remotely using their mobile phones. The application is expected to be officially launched in early 2020 and will be available for both android and IOS devices.

A new Shift Costing feature being rolled out over the coming weeks, allows Indigo Attendance users to cost out shifts. Pulling data directly from Indigo Payroll. Shift planners will be able to obtain a detailed rundown on individual shift cost values. This includes; basic value, leave and SSC values.

With a user base of over 75,000 employees, the Indigo Suite continues to strengthen its position as the software choice for Malta-based businesses. With so many organisations making use of Indigo Suite and other Shireburn solutions, we were very pleased to see so many familiar faces at the conference. We value the relationships we have built with our clients over the years. The event was the perfect opportunity to reconnect with several of our users and share new developments.

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