Shireburn Software renews its support of Home-Start Malta

Shireburn Software has once again extended its financial support to Home-Start Malta, a volunteer-based organisation that offers support, friendship and practical help to parents with young children under 5 years old who are experiencing difficulties. Home-Start Malta helps parents grow in confidence, strengthen their relationships with their children and connect with their local community.

Over the years, Shireburn has supported local charities and NGOs through various CSR initiatives, both financially and through software support.

“Developing a CSR strategy is something I believe in very much. It is important for companies like us to establish ways in which they can make a difference and impact society positively”, said Nathan Farrugia, CEO of Shireburn Software. “We are delighted to be able to support families passing through tough times, primarily with the positive upbringing of their children and their development. Ultimately, they are the future of our society”.

Home-Start Malta consists of trained and supervised volunteers who visit families and help parents regain their desired confidence. This approach is necessary for raising their children in a nurturing environment.

The volunteers teach families skills such as money management and help them prepare meals for their whole family. They also accompany parents to appointments at school, hospital or where otherwise required.

Getting help at the right time for families during difficult situations is crucial. Without proper assistance, circumstances could deteriorate to the extent that children have to be cared for outside their homes.

For more information about Home-Start Malta, or how you can help, call 21678043/99018398 or email maltahomestart@gmail.com.


Our champions help save lives during the 10th bi-annual Blood Donation Drive

Shireburn employees participated in the 10th bi-annual Blood Donation Drive, organised by a number of tenants within the SkyParks Business Centre, namely Shireburn Software, SkyParks Business Centre, Air Malta, CHIC Med-Aesthetic Clinics, Talbot & Bons as well as the National Blood Transfusion Unit.

All employees within the SkyParks Business Centre, Malta International Airport facilities, as well as the general public were invited to donate.Blood drive unit at SkyParks

Talbot & Bons provided refreshments for the donors while The Concept Stadium took care of the marketing campaign and donated their services for the good cause.

This initiative forms part of Shireburn´s Social responsibility programme, encouraging all those who are able to donate blood.

We would like to thank all those who helped us save lives!

More photos can be found here.

How can you help?

If you missed this opportunity, you can still do your part by visiting the Mobile Blood Donation Unit or one of the Blood Donation set up centres situated around Malta and Gozo. Click here to check the updated schedule.

If you’re a business owner and would like to organise a blood drive for your employees, or if you simply want to gather a group of colleagues, friends and family to donate blood – thank you! Click here for more information.


Shireburn Software staff hold fundraising sports event to support the ALIVE Charity Foundation

Shireburn Software organised a fundraising staff sports activity in collaboration with the ALIVE Charity Foundation, a local NGO, to contribute towards cancer-related medical research at the University of Malta.

Shireburn’s Social Committee organised a sports event and Shireburn’s own team members participated in a series of running, cycling and tug of war challenges against a donation.

Members of the Shireburn Software team together with Michael Gafa`, one of the committee members of the ALIVE Foundation
Members of the Shireburn Software team together with Michael Gafa`, one of the committee members of the ALIVE Foundation

Michael Gafa` from the ALIVE Charity Foundation visited the team and provided more detail to the foundation’s mission and goals, and thanked the Shireburn team for contributing towards this worthy cause.

“Our business is built around people, so we see our role within the community as an integral part of our corporate social responsibility,” said Nathan Farrugia, CEO of Shireburn Software. “Giving to great causes is something we believe in, but more-so taking an active part in initiatives themselves. Two of the most precious resources we have are our time and our health, so partnering with Alive Foundation for us was both valuable and fulfilling”.

Watch the video



So what is ALIVE Charity Foundation all about?

ALIVE Charity Foundation was the first charity foundation to raise funds for medical research in Malta whose main aim is to help fight cancer by funding human research and increasing health awareness. In this way, one can speed up diagnosis, identify causes and eventually identify cures. This is why the foundation’s aim has always been to fund Ph.D scholarships at the University of Malta.

ALIVE organises philanthropic activities in order to collect donations to support cancer research through the ALIVE Research Programme. The major event in the foundation’s calendar is the RE/MAX Alive Cycling Challenge for Cancer. The 2019 edition will see a group of 30 cyclists will be cycling over 1,200km from Oslo to Amsterdam passing through several cities in Denmark and Germany. The aim behind this challenge is to raise necessary funds which will be used by researchers working in the field of cancer in Malta.


Shireburn offers a helping hand to the Malta Down Syndrome Association

To commemorate this year’s International Down Syndrome day, held on 21st March 2019, Shireburn employees were encouraged to wear mismatched odd socks and make a donation towards the Malta Down Syndrome Association.

The team at Shireburn joined the international #LotsOfSocks campaign to help increase awareness of Down syndrome. Even Shireburn team members working remotely in Malta and overseas joined in and provided their support!

This initiative forms part of Shireburn’s ongoing commitment to play an active role in supporting our community.

The Down Syndrome Association (DSA) is a voluntary non-governmental organisation established and run by parents of persons who have down syndrome. The aim of the DSA is to encourage people who have Down syndrome to fulfil their potential for successful and happy lives, in a society that recognises their abilities and is supportive of their needs. It strives to represent the interests and needs of people who have Down syndrome in all aspects of life and individuals’ needs, as members of the family and the community.

Thanks to the altruistic and collaborative efforts of the whole team, Shireburn is proud to say that this initiative was a great success, with a sum of money being donated to the association.

For more information about the Malta Down Syndrome Association, visit http://www.dsa.org.mt/


ChocoPralines of Happiness for a cause

Earlier this summer our team of prominent chefs gathered for a very important cause, to prepare Pralines of Happiness in order to collect money for the animals in need. The preparation was a great chance for the team to get together and have fun, and the sale went very well.

With everyone’s contribution we managed to collect €150. We contacted the Borg Cardona Supplies for a food and medicine voucher and we were happily surprised when they informed us that the they will support our cause by rounding our budget to €200! We then got the chance to visit the Island Sanctuary and make our donation.

We had a tour around the field and met all the dogs that are safely kept until a home is found for them. Gloria and her team are taking very good care of the dogs and are trying hard to find a nice place for them to live the rest of their lives. If you know anyone interested in adopting a dog or maybe wanting to volunteer in the dog shelter, feel free to contact Gloria at gbugeja@islandsanctuary.com.mt and help our furry friends! Check more photos here.





Shireburn supports The Foodbank

Shireburn support The FoodbankA few years ago, Shireburn’s very own big bosses, John and Franco, very generously gave up their Christmas presents from staff, and instead asked us to make a donation to a good cause.

This was the beginning of what has now become our annual Christmas tradition here at Shireburn.

Every year, staff willingly contribute towards a good cause and this year we picked The Foodbank at St Andrew’s, who work tirelessly to provide nourishing food for families in need.

Giving back to our community is something that has been instilled in the Shireburn company culture from top down, and we look forward to supporting this and many other organisations throughout the year.

Organisations or individuals willing to support The Foodbank and donate food for families in need, can find all the information at www.thefoodbank.webs.com. Here you will find an example of the shopping items they require, together with delivery address and opening hours.

Shireburn supports The Foodbank
Shireburn supports The Foodbank