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Shireburn Indigo Payroll provides employees with access to a portal that allows them to securely apply for leave and view important documents such as payslips and FS3s amongst others.

Each function is accessible through individual widgets within the portal and these will be available to you depending on your company’s setup.

My Profile contains information about you.

My Leave Year Planner shows you a calendar with your booked leave, including any public holidays that fall within that time period.

My Payslips and My FS3s allow you to access your past payslips and Fs3 documents at any time, without having to resort to your HR department for them.

Leave Balances allows you to quickly view remaining leave balances, whilst Out of the Office allows you to view who is on leave, sick leave, away or out of office as well as apply for leave, cancel leave, or record sick leave only if you have the rights to.

Leave then gives you an overview of other staff members who may be on leave, sick leave or out of office today, as well as any requests awaiting your approval should you have the rights to.

My Attachments is where shared documents are saved. These could include Company Policies and Procedure Documents that your company administrator wants to share with you.

Reporting is another useful widget that will allow you to access quick reports that are made available to you depending on your rights within the system.

For more information on Shireburn Indigo Payroll click here.


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