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Training Courses and Events

Whether you are new to our software or simply need a refresher, our training courses can help you get the most out of our solutions. All courses are currently being held online via webinar.

Training Product Categories

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September, 2022

SFM Session 1: Sales and Purchases Ledgers

The session will go through the functionality available in both the Sales and Purchases ledgers:
1. Client and Supplier Maintenance: A detailed walkthrough of the available data linked to each client and supplier maintenance
2. Viewing of Transactions: Accessibility and viewing of client and supplier transactions
3. Document attachment features [NEW]
4. Sales Ledger invoices capabilities
5. Postings of Purchases and Sales Transactions: The posting of transactions and reverse entries, including the facilities available
6. Process Receipts and Payments: Posting of receipts and payments to creditors including the various payment options
7. Audit Trail: Overview of the facilities available within the audit trail of these ledgers including reporting and filtering of data
8. Reporting: Reporting functionalities and available facilities within these ledgers including the exports to Excel
Price: €80+VAT per person
Location: Online

September, 2022

SFM Session 2: Nominal Ledger

The session will go through the functionality available in the Nominal Ledger:
1. Chart of Accounts: The structure including available fields, period movements and budget values
2. Viewing Transactions: How to access transactions per nominal account and view the related source of data
3. Posting: The posting of transactions and reverse entries, including the facilities available
4. Standard Entries: Using templates of entries for posting in the nominal ledger
5. Bank Reconciliation: The bank reconciliation functions including the options available, reporting and the archive function
6. VAT Returns: The reporting options, the process to close a VAT return and access to archive records together with options to reconcile with the trial balance
7. Reporting: The reporting function and available facilities within the nominal ledger
8. Import transactions using the Excel template
9. Audit Trail: Explaining the options available in the nominal ledger audit trail including export to Excel
10. The End of Year procedures and the posting he previous year
11. Data validity and the re-index function
12. Document attachment features [NEW]
13. System Administration: Accessing the system configuration, users and permission groups
Price: €80+VAT per person
Location: Online


September, 2022

Indigo Workshop Training – September 2022

In this online training, which consists of Session 1 and Session 2 (spread over two days), we will go through the following Agenda:

Session 1: The detailed process of creating and updating the employee record
Tue 13 September 2022 (09:00AM – 12:00PM)
– Creations and Terminations of Employee – the process of creating and terminating will be explained and we’ll go in-depth on what each field represents
– Changes in Employment Status – modifications related to the employees’ status
– Changes in Salaries – how to increase/ decrease or modify the gross salary figure
– Setting up recurring pay items – employees would receive this pay item for each payroll
– Configuring Split payments – this can be used for direct credits if the employee wishes to have this wage split into two different bank accounts
– Generating reports – generating reports using the grid export to Excel

Session 2: Leave booking, Payroll routine and a review of the reports available
Wed 14 September 2022 (09:00AM – 12:00PM)
– Booking of leave manually – how the payroll user inserts leave directly in Indigo Payroll
– Going through the entire payroll routine – from the calculation and finalisation process to the actual generation of payslips, direct credit, and FS5
– Reviewing the most popular reports available

Price for both sessions: €160+VAT per person
Location: Online


New to Indigo?

Our Indigo Training Videos are perfect for new or novice users of the Indigo Suite. Learn how to use Indigo’s functionalities at your own pace by following our videos. Check out our free BETA version here!


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