The Shireburn Freight Systems (SFS) addresses the complete range of business processes to meet the needs of a modern freight and/or forwarding agency, automating time consuming aspects and leaving your staff to concentrate on the more important aspects of business development.

SFS Features

SFS Features

Processing of multi-modal import and export consignments related to containers, trailers, Ro-Ro and conventional vessels

Able to handle multiple principals and multiple operating companies with opportunities for configuration to meet the specific needs of individual principals as well as full load and groupage consignments.

Container tracking facilities

Container demurrage control

Handling freight forwarding operations.

SFS Modules

Sales & Opportunities





Container Control



Transport Malta Reporting


One Integrated Solution for Your Business

All SFS modules may be linked to the Shireburn Financial Manager which in turn manages the entire financial accounting operation. In addition, integration with EDI systems, Transport Malta and eCustoms, streamlines operations further.  

Shireburn Freight Systems