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Shireburn Service Charges

In addition to the rates applicable for Shireburn’s software products, subscriptions and support and maintenance agreements, Shireburn is often asked for the provision of additional services beyond the scope of its maintenance agreements and these are provided at the rates shown below exclusive of VAT.

Attendee Details Charge/Hour
Telephone support €40.00
minimum of € 30.00
On-site Standard Hourly Charge €40.00
minimum of € 40.00

Training Rates

Training is one of the most crucial ways that organisational performance can be improved.  Shireburn works on improving the performance of our clients by providing professional training in both on-site and off-site training, for dedicated company groups or general sessions. The applicable training rates are based on the number of attendees: and are shown below.

Attendee Details Price/attendee/Hour
1 attendee €50.00
Up to 2 attendees €30.00
Up to 5 attendees €25.00
Groups of 6+ €22.00

All rates are based on the provision of the services within Shireburn Standard Working Hours of 08:00-17:00 Monday through Friday, except for national/public holidays. Services provided outside these standard charges would be subject to increments.

All rates shown on this page are subject to change and services are provided based on the rates applicable at the time of the provision of the service.


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