Looking to leverage the increased security and mobility of a cloud-hosted solution for your accounting, inventory or freight systems? Shireburn are now offering Cloud Hosting services for SBS. This means that you can host your SFM, SIMS and SFS installation on Shireburn’s Microsoft Azure environment, allowing you to have immediate access to information anytime, anywhere.

Cloud Hosting Features

Improved provision for remote and mobile users

Already have a license for SFM, SIMS or SFS? We can migrate your current setup onto our cloud-hosted environment, allowing you to leverage all the benefits of this service.

Controlled access, in-depth auditing and security functions to protect your business data.

All data is securely stored in the Cloud – eliminating data loss risks of lost devices.

Automated backups and increased system resilience.

Leverage a scalable solution, allowing you to pay as you grow.

Save money by eliminating the cost of Windows Server licensing, back-up software, tapes and administration time

SBS Cloud Hosting