Cloud hosting

Looking to leverage the increased security and mobility of a cloud-hosted solution for your accounting, inventory or freight systems?

Shireburn are now offering Cloud hosting services for SFM, SIMS and SFS.

The higher levels of resilience and security that can be achieved with cloud-hosted applications paired with the improved provision for remote and mobile users have led to a steady increase in companies considering cloud hosted environments. In line with this trend, Shireburn has extended its own solutions to support such environments by offering Cloud hosting services for Shireburn Business Suite and the Shireburn Freight System.

Using the same, data-centric and modular software as our on-site solutions, our cloud-hosting offering allows users to have immediate access to information anytime, anywhere – all they need is their laptop and a stable internet connection!

Already have a license for SFM, SIMS or SFS? We can migrate your current setup onto our cloud-hosted environment, allowing you to leverage all the benefits of this service.

Your Business can Benefit

    • Controlled access, in-depth auditing and security functions to protect your business data.
    • All data is securely stored in the Cloud – eliminating data loss risks of lost devices.
    • Automated backups and increased system resilience through dual location hosting.
    • Leverage a scalable solution, allowing you to pay as you grow.
    • Access SFM, SIMS and SFS anytime, anywhere with a few button clicks.
    • Our Malta-based team of experts ready to help & support you.
    • Save money by eliminating the cost of Windows Server licensing, back-up software, tapes and administration time.
    • Practical and easy to use – drill down and across to access more detailed information


  • I have been working with SFM for almost 20 years as it is my favourite accounting system. Last year, I had the opportunity to launch another installation of SFM but this time, hosted by Shireburn on their Microsoft Azure platform. This is an extended experience as it gives me access to my data remotely, securely and most of all flexibly with the required access speed for my reporting needs.

    Reno Zammit
    CFO, TH Group
  • We are hosting our Shireburn application on their Cloud Platform and we found this convenient as we did not have to invest in any hardware setup.  We feel comfortable working in this environment as we have the option of accessing the system from anywhere and we find the service up to standard to maintain the requirements of our operation.

    W2M Malta’s services cover the full spectrum of incoming tourism services to the Maltese Islands.

    Ms Maryanne Portanier
    Managing Director, W2M Malta
  • We opted to move the Shireburn Financial manager (SFM) on the Cloud hosting service provided by Shireburn as we wanted to provide our team the flexibility to work from anywhere. This method of operation also provided us with the option to provide our clients access to their data in a more secure and controlled manner. This gave us a higher level of confidence in the services provided by Shireburn as today they host, backup and support the network needs of our accounting system on their Microsoft Azure Platform.

    CORE Executive Services have over 20 years of experience in accounting and bookkeeping for firms of all shapes and sizes.

    Mr Damian Camilleri
    Certified Public Accountant, CORE Executive Services

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