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Cloud-Based Payroll and Leave Management

Shireburn Indigo Payroll is a web-based payroll and leave management solution designed to automate and simplify the payroll process, allowing you to run your payroll with the greatest level of productivity, accuracy, security and convenience, giving you the flexibility to work from anywhere.

In addition to being practical to use, generating all Government and corporate reports, Shireburn Indigo allows employees to use the employee portal to apply for leave, authorise leave, securely download their own payslips, FS3 and other corporate documents, without having to resort to HR.

Rest assured you’ll have all the functionality you require to manage your payroll process, whether you have a small or large number of employees.

The system is in compliance with Malta Government and Inland Revenue regulations, so you’ll have everything you need to honour your legal obligations. But we deliver beyond that, giving you all the information and reporting you need to better manage and optimise the structure of your departments and employees while enabling any-time self-service by your employees.

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Your Business can Benefit

  • 24x7 accessibility, from anywhere in real time
  • No server hardware required. Reduce needs for your own server capacity, security infrastructure and systems administration
  • Platform and device independent meaning you can access from any device with a web browser
  • Automatic off-site back up included, improving your disaster recovery strategies
  • High levels of security and reliability
  • Automatic software and operating system updates and upgrades ensuring all users always have the latest software version
  • Reduced downtime in comparison with an on-premises installation
Shireburn Indigo screenshot

Why Shireburn Indigo Payroll

    • Web Based Cloud Solution
    • Employee Portal
    • Automated Payroll Processing
    • Leave Management
    • Quick Reports, Analytics and Dashboards
    • Collaborative Tools
    • Online Help Centre
    • User Rights Control
    • Shireburn Support and Training


Payroll in the Cloud

    • 24x7 accessibility, from anywhere in real time
    • High levels of security and reliability
    • Platform and device independent meaning you can access Shireburn Indigo payroll from any device with a web browser
    • No server hardware required. Reduce needs for your own server capacity, security infrastructure and systems administration
    • Automatic software and operating system updates and upgrades ensuring all users always have the latest version software
    • Reduced downtime in comparison with an on-premises installation
    • Automatic off-site back up included, improving your disaster recovery strategies


  • After we saw a demonstration of Shireburn Indigo Payroll running on the cloud, we immediately agreed to implement the solution, especially when we recognised the benefits of the employee portal. It addressed all our needs with no installation procedures. This was also complemented with the efficient support provided by Shireburn’s team.

    CreditInfo Malta is a respected provider of Credit Risk Management Services in Malta.

    Mr Kevin Abela
    Financial Controller, CreditInfo Malta
  • We had been using the on premises Shireburn Payroll System (SPS) since 2010. When Shireburn released their cloud version, Shireburn Indigo Payroll, we were interested to upgrade to their new system. Apart from running the payroll for 94 employees, we now have an employee portal that all staff can access to manage and apply for leave as well as view a number of documents such as payslips and FS3s. User feedback has been very positive. With Shireburn’s support, we look forward for further enhancements to this product.

    Credorax Bank Ltd is a hi-tech and financial institution focused on acquiring in the e-commerce arena.

    Ms Eleanor Busuttil
    VP Human Resources Malta, Credorax Bank Ltd
  • I have worked with Shireburn for so many years across most of their products and I was always satisfied with the functionality provided by their solutions and most importantly their support. With their latest cloud offering, Shireburn Indigo, they continue to maintain their service levels and expand their product range by making use of the latest technologies to meet client needs.

    DAN Europe (Divers Alert Network Europe) is an international non-profit medical and research organization dedicated to the safety and health of divers.

    Mr David Mallia
    CFO, DAN Europe Foundation
  • We wanted to shift the payroll function from manual to automated and in-house, and required the flexibility to work from anywhere, backed by professional support. Shireburn Indigo Payroll addressed my needs and more, so we confirmed it. Today Shireburn support our business with their payroll, accounting, inventory management and POS solutions. Throughout, it has been a positive experience complemented with their excellent support.

    Future Focus provides world class training and life long learning opportunities in order to enhance people’s career prospects.

    Ms Corinne Galea
    Director, Future Focus Ltd
  • We were originally referred to Shireburn a couple of years ago for an accounting system which we took on, and have since been very satisfied using it. We recently decided to bring our payroll in-house, and based on our satisfaction levels with Shireburn, we approached them with regards to their cloud based Shireburn Indigo Payroll. It catered for all our requirements, looks good and is easy to use. It also includes an employee portal with easy access to request vacation, download payslips and other documents. We are pleased that Shireburn are offering more cloud based products and look forward for more modules in the near future.

    Bluefort delivers comprehensive business solutions based on Microsoft Dynamics technologies.

    Mr Edward Borg Grech
    Managing Director, Bluefort
  • We approached Shireburn for a proposal following various positive recommendations of their payroll solution and support. We took up their cloud based Shireburn Indigo Payroll and now run our own payroll in-house each month. Their team is always prompt to respond to our queries which is important to us.

    ArenaCube is an innovative and leading player in the global betting and gaming industry.

    Ms Alexia Panzavecchia
    Accounts Executive, ArenaCube
  • We’re using Shireburn Indigo for our Payroll and Leave Management Processes, moving on from Shireburn’s on-site SPS solution. Using Indigo brought so much flexibility in the way we work, with all team members feeling part of the process via the user interface; and with the solution being cloud-based, it allows the HR team to manage this process from any location. Furthermore, the support provided by Shireburn in terms of setting-up profiles and organisation charts within the system was second-to-none.

    the Concept Stadium is a Maltese Boutique Marketing Consultancy Firm that offers a personalised service in various disciplines, from Marketing, to Graphic Design, Web Design & Development, PR and Social Media.

    Mr Jonathan Dalli
    Founder & Managing Director, the Concept Stadium
  • We’ve found Shireburn Indigo Payroll to be very intuitive and user-friendly, plus running payroll in a matter of minutes is a great advantage. The interface is well-designed and having staff accessing their payslips and applying for leave through the system saves us a lot of time.

    Switch is a local Brand and Design Agency.

    Mr Edward Muscat Azzopardi
    Director, Switch
  • Although we had a set of complex and highly specific requirements for a stock inventory and financial solution, the Shireburn team helped us find what we needed, implemented the system, and got us up and running in no time. We are now also running our payroll using their cloud based Shireburn Indigo Payroll.

    Adore More are a leading supplier of products made from quality craftsmanship, such as doors and windows.

    Mr Kenneth Fenech
    Director, Adore More
  • I’ve used Shireburn’s solutions for a number of years, dating back to my previous employment. At Med Logistics, we use the Shireburn Freight System to manage our operations, in conjunction with the Shireburn Financial Manager for all our accounting requirements. We had been using Shireburn’s on premise payroll system SPS for a number of years, but when they launched their cloud Shireburn Indigo Payroll, it was a logical next step to embrace this new technology with them, and so far we have never looked back.

    Med Logistics (Malta) Ltd has been operating in the shipping sphere since 2008 and it offers and assists its agents who are located in Turkey, Egypt, Morocco, Lebanon, Greece and Portugal to assist their clients in carrying containerised goods from one location to another.


    Mr Peter Pace Balzan
    General Manager, Med Logistics (Malta) Ltd
  • I’ve found Shireburn Indigo Payroll to be very intuitive and easy to use when running our monthly payroll. The employee portal also enables our staff to apply for leave online, and any leave is automatically fed into the payroll calculation, saving us a lot of time and administrative paperwork. We’re very pleased with our decision to switch to this system.

    Big Exhibits are a leading signage and exhibition services company.

    Ms Charlene Zammit
    Accounts and Administration Executive, Big Exhibits
  • We were looking for an online payroll running on the Cloud, and we came across Shireburn’s website. We got in touch with the team, obtained the necessary information and got the implementation sorted relatively easy. We’re pleased with the solution, and look forward for Shireburn to add on more modules for us to consider, adding value to both the product itself and us.

    Galley’s Malta operates in two distinct segments; the provision of advanced building automation technology and the production of finest quality boutique liqueur wines in Malta.

    Ing Ruben Curmi
    Managing Director, Galley's Malta Ltd
  • We wanted to implement a payroll solution that was easy to use, and accessible online from anywhere, whilst addressing some of our specific requirements. Once we saw a live demonstration of Shireburn Indigo Payroll we all agreed to go ahead. We also find they have excellent customer support to compliment the product and this provides us with that extra level of comfort in our use of the system.

    Mr Paul Spiteri
    Executive Secretary, St Julian's Local Council
  • As a smaller organisation, we used to handle our own payroll and calculate it manually. Over the years this became more of a headache with calculations and formulas constantly changing through new legislation. With Shireburn Indigo Payroll we dedicate much less time to our payroll each month, besides having peace of mind that all rates and calculations are always automatically brought up to date by the Shireburn team.

    Financial Planning Services Ltd provides expertise on all aspects of personal finance, from stock broking to wealth management, retirement, inheritance tax planning and more.

    Ms Elaine Bonello
    Director & Chartered Financial Planner, Financial Planning Services Limited
  • As a payroll service provider, we were looking for a payroll solution that runs on the cloud, making it easier for us to service our clients and run their respective payrolls. Shireburn Indigo’s competitive pricing and practicality make it an attractive product for us to use in order to service our clients with their payroll requirements. Needless to say it also satisfies all statutory requirements. Since implementation, we’re pleased to have added on more clients to the system which is also scaling well for our needs.

    Management Consultancy Ltd specialises in consultancy, independent advice and assistance about management issues to small and medium sized enterprises in Malta.

    Mr. James Piccinino
    Director, Management Consultancy Limited
  • As a satisfied user of Shireburn’s Payroll and HR System (SPS), I was more than happy working with what we had. But when Shireburn launched their cloud based Shireburn Indigo Payroll, the benefits of having an employee portal with leave functionality available to all staff online, pushed us towards this web based system. We’re very pleased with our decision to switch onto the new solution, as well as with Shireburn’s team backing it up.

    MJM Europe Ltd offer a number of corporate, relocation and financial services to businesses setting up in Malta.

    Ms Catherine Attard
    Accountant, MJM Europe Ltd


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