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Shireburn Indigo cloud business solutions

Shireburn Indigo is an award-winning, cloud platform for payroll, leave, and time and attendance management. A unique solution built on 35 years experience working alongside the HR and payroll teams of Malta’s foremost business operations, large and small. As at January 2019, over 50,000 employees are paid monthly through Shireburn Indigo.

Shireburn Indigo simplifies your work, automates as many processes as possible, and provides you with a toolset to better manage your entire workflow. Accessible from anywhere, hosted on Microsoft Azure Cloud and using the latest web technologies, we develop business solutions that are practical and easy to use.

Shireburn Indigo Payroll

Payroll and Leave Management

Shireburn Indigo Payroll is a payroll, leave and attendance management cloud solution. Built in Leave Management functionality allows you to set the organisations hierarchy for leave approval processes. A unique Employee Portal allows employees to manage their leave, view their payslips, past FS3s and more. With Payroll and Leave management consolidated into one system you need not worry about discrepancies, and can enjoy the benefit of less administrative work to run your teams.

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Time and Attendance Management

Shireburn Indigo Time & Attendance will be available as from January 2019. A perfect complement to payroll, to streamline business processes in organisations where attendance management is central to operations. A flexible platform for your diverse workforce that allows you to track, manage and control all elements of shift management and rostering. A usable interface that allows managers to turnaround quicker rosters based on flexible shift presents and leave integration.

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