Technology is at the heart of all organisations. Protecting your business has never been more important.  Ransomware, viruses etc threaten the operation and sometimes survival of businesses

eSecurity is all about protecting your organisation from threats to your organisation’s computer based facilities.¬†Threats are numerous, ranging from viruses and the disruption they cause, competitors accessing your organisation’s sensitive information, hackers entering your network to modify and steal information, ransomware which locks all your systems until you pay a ransom, to denial of service attacks aimed to close down or degrade your computer systems making them unavailable.

Shireburn Software provides a range of solutions and services to assist you in protecting your IT infrastructure.

Malware solutionsSpam and Content FilteringWindows server availability and disaster recoveryAudits, consultancy and assessmentsRansomware Protection

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Sophos is a leading computer security company, focused on providing businesses with software and hardware security solutions.



Trustwave provide managed security services for businesses across the entire technology infrastructure.



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