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Concessionaire Analyzer+

Control, Manage and Boost Concession-Based Revenues

Concessionaire Analyzer+Concessionaire Analyzer+ is a Shireburn solution that enables airports and shopping malls to strategically manage and sustainably increase concession-based revenue.

With installations spanning from the local market to the rest of Europe, Latin-America and the Caribbean, CA+ is a truly modular and flexible solution that is helping airports and shopping malls improve performance and increase profits.

Using a comprehensive suit of data collection methods, CA+ is able to collect sales data at varying degrees of detail. Its Business Intelligence engine can analyse concessionaire sales data in depth to provide unprecedented insight into your commercial operations. Concessionaire Analyzer+ also caters for commercial contract management to automate revenue calculation and billing with speed and efficiency.

CA+ Airport


Control, manage and boost non-aeronautical revenues through the automated collection of concession sales data, contract management, revenue calculation, billing and a BI platform integrated with flight and passenger info for richer and deeper performance analysis.

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CA+ Mall


Control, manage and boost concession-based revenues through the automated collection of concession sales data and better management of loyalty schemes for improved profiling, communications, marketing and more in depth performance analysis.

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