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Products and Services

At Shireburn we specialise in assisting clients to identify improvement opportunities in their business processes and address them through the development and application of business software solutions.

With a track record of the development of a string of internationally successful software products, Shireburn continues to innovate and lead the market, developing applications aimed at specific niche business needs.

Indigo Suite

Indigo Suite is a cloud -based people management platform for payroll, leave, attendance management and more. Explore how Indigo Suite helps businesses like yours to better manage their entire people processes and free up time to concentrate on what really matters, your team.


Shireburn Business Suite

SBS helps businesses to better manage their processes, leverage information and monitor performance. SBS is a multi-channel solution, for large and small businesses, offering support for retail, wholesale, distribution and sales representative’s tablets, all integrated into your Shireburn accounting and inventory systems.


Collaborative Solutions

As working patterns become increasingly flexible, communication becomes more of a challenge. At Shireburn we have more than 30 years’ experience in the design, development and implementation of collaborative solutions. Talk to our team about finding the right solution for your business.


e-Security and Backup

We provide a range of solutions and services to assist you in protecting your IT infrastructure, from anti-virus solutions, to spam and content filtering, disaster recovery strategies as well as consultancy and vulnerability assessments. Talk to our team about finding the right solution for your business.



We take a holistic approach to your business requirements, offering technical consultancy, network services and systems auditing. Our users can also maximise the investment in our software through our support services and frequent user training sessions designed for new users as well as those requiring a refresher.



Our dedicated team of professionals would like to help you out.

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