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Seeing the updates to Indigo Payroll with 2020 vision

Can you believe it? It’s 2020!  We want to walk you through the changes you can expect to see in your Indigo Payroll system after early Indigo updates in the new year, planned for early January 2020. Our team has prepared everything you need to handle payrolls this year according to the 2020 budget changes.   … Read More >>

Shireburn Indigo now has 70,000 users on the platform

July 29, 2019

Shireburn Software’s cloud-based payroll and time and attendance software reaches yet another milestone in user subscription, affirming the platform as a premier payroll and employee management solution in Malta. We are thrilled to announce that Shireburn Indigo has reached 70,000 users locally, in just over two months after crossing the 60,000-user mark! Our clients love … Read More >>

upgrade to Shireburn Indigo Payroll

How do I upgrade to Shireburn Indigo Payroll?

Today Shireburn Indigo Payroll supports the payroll processing of more than 30,000 employees locally. Its cloud technology, coupled with a user-friendly web-based interface has made its popularity soar within the local HR and payroll community. In addition its many unique features and self service employee portal have placed it at the forefront of innovation in … Read More >>

Payroll New Year

Kicking off the Payroll New Year

For most of us, the new year brings with it a new chapter, a renewed sense of motivation to overcome any obstacles and persevere in our aspirations, both personal and business. For those working in the HR and Payroll environment, the new year brings with it a number of changes, having to close off the … Read More >>

Payroll end-of-year

Surviving the Payroll End-of-Year

If payroll falls under your responsibility, then we know a little something about the stressful period that approaches with the payroll end-of-year. We’ve put together a high-level checklist that will hopefully help you glide through the process. Payroll End-of-Year Checklist The Budget. If you’re manually working out your payroll, be sure to listen out for … Read More >>


Common Accounting Mistakes that Small Businesses make

Keeping the books is one of the more challenging aspects of running a company, particularly a small one. It is also one of the most important. As start-ups transcend from one man bands to SMEs, it is sometimes difficult for small business owners who are accustomed to being involved in every aspect of their business, … Read More >>

Retail Software

Improvements at the Point of Sale

Today’s retail environment is more challenging than ever, with tighter competition, both locally as well as internationally through online shopping, alongside customer expectations that are greater than ever. Retailers need to focus on enhancing customer experience to attract and retain customers and improving efficiencies, most of which culminate at the point-of-sale. In our 30+ years … Read More >>

Inventory Do’s and Don’ts

Inventory management is the process through which you oversee the flow of products in and out of your organisation. Whether you’re in retail, distribution, wholesale or catering, inventory management is the backbone to your business, and if not managed properly, it can all too soon come crumbling down. We’ve worked with countless local business owners … Read More >>

Shireburn Indigo Payroll

10 Tips to Manage Employee Leave

Managing your employees’ leave, however large or small your organisation, can be stressful. From vacation leave to sick leave, study leave, bereavement leave, and maternity leave, keeping track of employees’ different leave requests call on a manager’s planning skills to take action. It can all become an administrative nightmare! But here are some simple tips … Read More >>

Payroll end-of-year

10 Handy Payroll Tips

Whether you are running a 5 person business, or a large corporation with 100’s of employees, payroll is a priority.  Staff must be paid on time, every time, and be paid correctly. It is the responsibility of every employer to ensure that they are. Some processes can be daunting, but here are 10 tips that … Read More >>

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