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    Are you tired of the hassles that come with managing employee attendance? The days of grappling with paper schedules and navigating complex systems are over. Say hello to the revamped Indigo Mobile app – the ultimate solution for hassle-free attendance tracking. Our revamped app simplifies clocking in and out, provides
  • Reduce Local Infrastructure. Hello Hassle-Free Cloud Hosting Cloud hosting is an online service that allows users to access software applications and store data on remote servers instead of using a local infrastructure. Many of our clients are switching to hosting our applications in the cloud as we collectively adapt to
  • The pandemic can be seen as having brought about a substantial mindset shift in terms of dealing with our people. There has never been a more obvious focus on the welfare of our people. Almost overnight, companies had to grapple with the need to ensure the welfare of their staff
  • How many times have you presented strategies that haven’t worked out as you intended? How many times have you made plans only to realise that you didn’t have the capacity to implement these plans? How many times have you turned to your people and felt frustrated at their lack of
  • Human resource professionals work on the front-line in any company. When connecting with people in this way it is difficult not to pick up the subtle signs. The side glance from an employee on a corner desk. The silence from staff members when you ask for their opinion. The tension
  • Human resources is about people. In reality, it’s a business we all understand. The formula is relatively simple – happy people leads to happy customers which leads to better profits. Simple to understand, yet as most HR leaders will tell you, very difficult to implement. The reason – well, we

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