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Shireburn launch cloud based payroll

October 7, 2015

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Shireburn Indigo PayrollLocal software house Shireburn Software has this week launched Shireburn Indigo Payroll, a cloud-based payroll and leave management solution, designed to further automate and simplify the payroll process. The solution is entirely developed and supported by Shireburn and hosted on the Microsoft Cloud. Shireburn Indigo is Shireburn’s latest wave of business solutions, with Shireburn Indigo Payroll being the first addition to their current portfolio.

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While the company’s leading on-premises payroll offering, the Shireburn Payroll & HR System (SPS), that supports the payroll processing of tens of thousands of employees in Malta, will continue to be supported and sold, Shireburn is now also offering the web based Shireburn Indigo Payroll for those companies who wish to move to the cloud and operate with more flexibility.

Employee DashboardShireburn Indigo Payroll will allow greater levels of productivity, accuracy, security and convenience, giving its users the flexibility to work from virtually anywhere and anytime.

As a cloud hosted solution, Shireburn Indigo relieves IT teams and business owners from hardware issues and server requirements that are a financial and security burden for many companies today.

An employee self-service portal empowers employees to securely access their own payslips, apply for leave, manage and approve leave requests of their subordinates and securely retrieve a number of documents such as their own FS3 forms and payslips. For the HR and Finance Department, this leads to a reduction in man-hours and administrative overheads as employees learn to manage parts of their own payroll. Managers can also approve or reject leave applications on the go, and obtain a snap shot view of team members on leave on any given day and the leave status of their department.

Shireburn Indigo Payroll LaunchThe technology also makes way for improvements in search and filtering, as well as reporting and analytics, ensuring users have the right information on the fly when they need it through dashboards and reports.

“New technologies have changed the way we do business. We are more connected, de-centralised, mobile and collaborative. Businesses are adapting to this, and Shireburn is once again creating a wave of business solutions to help our clients transition from one technology to another should they wish to do so. Our mission remains that of using technology to support the growth of our clients, and Shireburn Indigo is a testimony to this,” said Mr John de Giorgio, Managing Director of Shireburn Software.

While Shireburn Indigo is in compliance with payroll regulations and reporting obligations, it is designed to provide users with all the information and reporting requirements needed to better manage and optimise the structure of departments and employees.

With more than 30 years’ experience, and a team of 40 professionals, Shireburn Software is a leading local business software provider, with more than 50,000 employees being paid using Shireburn’s range of payroll solutions every month.

More information can be found at or can be obtained by contacting Shireburn on 2131 9977 or by sending an email to

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