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Over the past few years, local banks have been developing their technology to provide better security access for online banking. However, the process is becoming ever-complicated with additional steps required to set up payees and authorise the payments. Processing payments through a bank’s internet banking portals costs you and your employees’ valuable time as they ... Read More >>

At Shireburn we understand that your workforce is one of your key resources, which means that labour costs are one of the main contributors to business expenses. This is why employee time and attendance management could have a substantial impact on your bottom line. Furthermore, the use of an automated, cloud-based time and attendance management ... Read More >>

As we look ahead to the holiday season, and eventually 2021, we want to take this opportunity to highlight some of the top features and functionalities we added to the Indigo Suite in 2020. In 2020, we made several special adaptations to the Indigo Suite to help our clients effectively run their businesses throughout this ... Read More >>

Over these last few years, a lot of effort has gone into reducing the use of cheques within the local business community and the general public.  Businesses, especially banks, have implemented systems to manage payments electronically without the need to write cheques and go through the process of deposits which requires time and effort from ... Read More >>

Remote Work

Even before the COVID-19 pandemic hit, the workforce was already changing and moving towards remote teams and flexible working hours and patterns. If there is one thing that COVID-19 has taught most companies it is that even if you are not adopting a remote-first approach, a robust business continuity plan and ensuring that all of ... Read More >>

Indigo Attendance Best Cloud-Base Software as a Service eBusiness Awards

Shireburn’s Indigo Attendance was named the best Cloud-Based Solution as a Service in The Malta eBusiness Awards 2020. The winner was announced on Friday 13th November. Shireburn had already won a series of awards for its software products, both locally and internationally, with the organisation’s Indigo Payroll solution winning the award for MCA eBusiness Award ... Read More >>


Indigo Attendance makes managing a schedule for a company of any size and rostering requirements easy thanks to customizable shift details, cost management tools and attendance tracking features. Even so, we know that maintaining a roster still requires plenty of your time and attention – especially when staffing needs and changes come unexpectedly. Having to ... Read More >>

Budget 2021

1. Weekly cost of living adjustment (COLA) increase of €1.75 Indigo Payroll provides the necessary tools to facilitate the application of this increase across your workforce. The global basic pay adjustment utility in Indigo allows you to do just that. We have an article to assist you in making this adjustment:  How to allocate COLA ... Read More >>

Shireburn Software takes pride in enabling customer success and growth through innovative solutions. A key factor in this is ensuring that our solutions are kept up to date with the any legislative developments that may affect our clients’ business processes. This is key in ensuring that our customers have peace of mind that they will ... Read More >>

With the covid -19 pandemic heightening the awareness of surface transmission of viruses, bacteria, and other nasties, companies around the world are re-thinking the use of handprint or fingerprint punch clocks at their premises.  While some are switching to facial recognition, others may be looking for a more cost-effective solution with a quicker implementation time. ... Read More >>

As the old adage goes: time is money. It is important to balance your employees’ working hours with your company’s labour costs, as every hour and minute they work add up to your regular expenditures. We designed the Indigo Suite to make your day-to-day payroll, attendance, and leave management a breeze so that you can ... Read More >>


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