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Utilising our Indigo Suite gives you more time to focus on your people. Ever since we’ve teamed up with BambooHR – one of the leading HR software solutions providers, we’ve learned that whilst some companies use it as an HR tool to manage essential employee information, others also use it to keep track of their ... Read More >>

Software at its best makes your complex processes simple. With Indigo Attendance we address your staffing availability, rostering and clocking processes, but we wanted to make it even simpler for operations that don’t have a complex scheduling requirement but still want to track their employees’ hours. That’s why our team worked hard to bring you ... Read More >>

Shireburn Financial Manager now supports document management! Documents can now be attached to accounting transactions in SFM, specifically in nominal, sales and purchase ledgers. The functionality is also extended to support attachments to the chart of accounts, clients and suppliers, as well as VAT returns and bank reconciliations. The documentation can be opened, amended or ... Read More >>

We’re thrilled to announce that the Shireburn Team has been working hard to launch Indigo Target Attendance; a new Indigo Attendance feature aimed at helping you compare the hours your employees work versus the hours your employees are expected to work. What’s even greater is the fact that this comparison can be carried out over ... Read More >>

What are periodic payments? Periodic payments are payments or adjustments to an employee’s payroll that need to be carried out regularly, but not monthly. Such items can include director’s fees or quarterly allowances. Did you know that you can set up periodic payments with Shireburn’s Indigo Payroll? Users can set up these pay items to ... Read More >>

Assign & Clear Shift Patterns in Bulk

One of the most challenging and time-consuming tasks of many business is the shift planning process, especially assigning, editing and ending shit patterns to employees. Over the past few weeks, the Shireburn Team has made significant improvements in Indigo Attendance’s scheduler with the aim of improving your scheduling workflow. Previously, shift patterns could only be allocated ... Read More >>

As we enter 2022, we are taking some time to round up the top features released throughout 2021. To ensure that our users have the best tools on the market to manage their payroll, attendance, and HR functions, our team regularly releases updates for Indigo. Besides giving the Indigo Suite a refreshed look, there have ... Read More >>

The Shireburn team has been working on a new setting in Indigo Attendance to give employers an improved level of control over how rewards and penalties are applied to employees’ salaries. With this new feature, employers can delegate specific users to review entries, reducing the room for human error or tampering, whilst contributing to both ... Read More >>

Just over a year ago, Shireburn’s Indigo Attendance was named the best Cloud-Based Solution as a Service in the Malta eBusiness Awards 2020. Today, we’re pleased to share that Shireburn’s Indigo Attendance has been shortlisted for the WSA Shortlist 2021! The World Summit Award is a United Nations Based Global award initiative selecting and promoting ... Read More >>

Starting 2022 in line with the last Budget When we said we’ve got your back, we meant it! As another year draws to an end and everyone gets ready for some seasonal festivities, Shireburn’s Indigo is on hand to make the transition to the new year run smoothly. Here are the ways Indigo will help ... Read More >>

The recent identification of the Log4Shell/Log4j vulnerability (CVE-2021-44228) has exposed many computer systems to significant security risks, including potential system hacking. As part of our ISO 27001 certified processes, on identification of this vulnerability our team immediately commenced investigation of any potential risks to this vulnerability exposing us or our clients. Immediately, Shireburn received requests ... Read More >>

1. Weekly Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA) Increase of €1.75  Indigo Payroll has a tool to help you apply the COLA increase throughout your payroll, using the Global Basic Pay Adjustments utility. Check out this article to find out how to go about it:  How do I allocate C.O.L.A. to all employees at once? | ... Read More >>


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