There’s a plan for every business: Introducing Indigo Attendance Essentials!

21 Apr 2022

Software at its best makes your complex processes simple. With Indigo Attendance we address your staffing availability, rostering and clocking processes, but we wanted to make it even simpler for operations that don’t have a complex scheduling requirement but still want to track their employees’ hours.

That’s why our team worked hard to bring you Indigo Attendance Essentials – a new plan with the essential features needed to help businesses with their time and attendance management functions.

With the New Indigo Attendance Essentials plan, we’ll help your business get started on managing employee working hours without the hassle of setting a schedule or shift rota, enabling you to keep track of employee hours in an easy and efficient way.

Users wishing to subscribe to our Standard plan will benefit from everything included in the Essentials plan, along with scheduling, and shift management and patterns. Businesses after more advanced controls can subscribe to our Premium plan, which includes everything in the Standard plan along with costings, budgeting and rewards and penalties approval. A full list of features for our different Indigo Attendance product offerings can be found here.

What’s even better is that we’ve made it possible for your Indigo Attendance plan to grow with you! Users can now request to upgrade from one plan to the next, unlocking more advanced features aimed at optimising their individual business needs.

Shireburn is always here to help keep you equipped with the tools you need to run your business efficiently and effectively.

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