The Indigo Mobile app just got better!

29 May 2024

Book and manage leave through the app on your mobile device!

Yes, that’s right. It was the obvious step for us to have this mobile-first approach in order to further simplify the way your staff book and manage their leave.


Up until now, Indigo subscribers have been using the Indigo mobile app to conveniently clock in and out and have visibility of their shift schedules, while management, HR and payroll teams make use of the app to track, analyse, and support staff attendance as smoothly and readily as possible. In addition, the Indigo Mobile app allows real time, seamless, full integration with Indigo Payroll and Indigo Time & Attendance.


The Indigo mobile app is seamlessly integrated with Indigo’s browser version. This means that you can monitor the impact of your actions on the mobile app through the Employee Portal.


What are the benefits of the Indigo Mobile app?
This is a real app. You don’t need access through a browser.
Available for both iOS and Android systems.
Book leave from anywhere and at any time.
View your shift calendar from anywhere and at any time.
Clock in and clock out using your phone.
Monitor off-site employees’ locations.
Real time integration with Indigo Payroll and Time & Attendance.
Multiple job profiles permitted.
User friendly experience.

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