Taking confident decisions – driven by accurate and timely data

18 Apr 2023

The pandemic can be seen as having brought about a substantial mindset shift in terms of dealing with our people. There has never been a more obvious focus on the welfare of our people. Almost overnight, companies had to grapple with the need to ensure the welfare of their staff coupled with the survival of their business. The speed with which decisions had to be taken coupled with the uncertainty and fear in the first few weeks of the outbreak of Covid-19 has forced us to reassess not only our people policies but also the management of our data and how this can be used as a decision making tool, especially in times when decisions were required quickly and surely.


I can recall the difficulties with needing up to date and real time information on staff movements, numbers and statistics when looking at shifting priorities during the pandemic. How many vulnerable staff did the company have? Where were they located? What shift system was impacted? How can my company be split into teams? These questions and more were the bread and butter of decision making for an extended period of time.


I was assured of one fact. My payroll information was intact, updated and reliable. That is where I had to start from. This was a good start yet having to clean the data, work it on excel, find my way through v-look up and other complicated formulae became daunting. I couldn’t get over the missing comma or the extra bracket. I was acutely aware of the urgent need to up to date information which I can analyse.


I have always believed that you are as good at your job as when you face a crisis. It is at these times that one requires accurate data and effective analysis. This is when people analytics comes into the picture. With one click the full picture emerges. One click and the red flags stare you in the face. One click and you can decide with full confidence that your data is accurate.


No more decisions in the dark. Reliable, accurate and easy to use. Decisions have never been easier and safer to take.


Author: Mikela Fenech Pace – HR Consultant, Executive & Team Coach

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