Periodic Payments in Indigo Payroll

18 Mar 2022

What are periodic payments?

Periodic payments are payments or adjustments to an employee’s payroll that need to be carried out regularly, but not on each payroll. Such items can include director’s fees or quarterly allowances.

Did you know that you can set up periodic payments with Shireburn’s Indigo Payroll?

Users can set up these pay items to be triggered on specific days of the year per employee. Each time this payment is automatically triggered, it is added automatically to the payroll under which it falls.

Does Shireburn’s Indigo Payroll carry periodic payments forward to the next year?

Yes! These pay items can be carried forward automatically for future years. If for example, a periodic payment is set on the 29th February, it will be automatically included in the next year on the 1st March, since leap years occur every four years.

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