Indigo’s BambooHR integration simplifies your workflow

13 May 2022

Utilising our Indigo Suite gives you more time to focus on your people.

Ever since we’ve teamed up with BambooHR – one of the leading HR software solutions providers, we’ve learned that whilst some companies use it as an HR tool to manage essential employee information, others also use it to keep track of their employees’ leave request entries and leave balances. During Payroll period, these balances are manually inserted into Indigo Payroll so that the correct calculations are carried out before pay day. Although tedious, this step is required by many so as to keep both Indigo and BambooHR up to date.

We’ve facilitated this process and enhanced our integration with BambooHR to enable you to export leave request entries and leave balances from Indigo directly to BambooHR. This update will help users keep focus on their people, by simplifying and reducing time-consuming processes, whilst retaining peace of mind that BambooHR and Indigo remain in sync.

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