Indigo Suite 2020 feature roundup

17 Dec 2020

As we look ahead to the holiday season, and eventually 2021, we want to take this opportunity to highlight some of the top features and functionalities we added to the Indigo Suite in 2020.

In 2020, we made several special adaptations to the Indigo Suite to help our clients effectively run their businesses throughout this past chaotic year. We were long prepared for the 2020 tax on overtime rules, responsive to the needs and requirements of the COVID wage supplement for your payrolls and ready to implement director’s fee updates pertaining to the prior items.

Join us on memory lane as we look back on the major enhancements added to your Indigo Suite:

Indigo Mobile arrives to the Indigo Suite

The Indigo Mobile application joined the Indigo Suite at the start of the year. The iPhone and Android application works together with Indigo Attendance and allows employees to clock in and out of their shifts with their mobile phones.

The app gives employees an easier way to record their attendance on the job while providing you a time-saving and reliable way to manage and track employee attendance. All clockings that employees register in the app are synced with Indigo Attendance (once the app is opened and connected to data or Wi-Fi), and that attendance data can then be sent to your payrolls in Indigo Payroll.
The app is free and ready to be used immediately when the Indigo Attendance module is up and running in your system. Explore the Indigo Mobile help centre to discover more about the app. Contact us today to get started.

Stay on top of scheduling costs with the Costings and Budgeting feature

Earlier this year, we launched Costings and Budgeting for Indigo Attendance, features that help you make the most cost-effective scheduling decisions for your business. You will know exactly how much you are spending per employee and per shift while having oversight and control of your net scheduling costs.

Costings provides you a detailed rundown on the costs of every allocated shift in your Scheduler, while Budgeting helps you track your team-manning costs for a particular week.

Follow our help articles about Costings, enabling Budgeting and creating cost centre budgets to get started with these features.

Shift patterns page

We introduced the Shift Patterns page in Indigo Attendance this year to help clients build and manage those shift rotations and schedules particular to their needs. The Shift Pattern page allows you to create an unlimited number of custom shift patterns for your diverse work schedule types, be they standard Monday-Friday schedules or complex rotational ones.

Shift patterns in Indigo are created by arranging your existing shift presets into a pattern. These patterns can then be allocated to employees in the Scheduler.


Busyness” takes the “I” out of business – who wants to be so busy that they can’t focus on their own work?
The Proximity feature takes away the busywork that comes with maintaining a schedule. Proximity is a feature that populates your Scheduler on your behalf by using actual clocking data that you import into the system, meaning that you can build your Scheduler by importing clocking data into Indigo.
Check out our Proximity help article to learn more.

Save report setup options

Indigo has dozens of report types, each providing detailed insights on your payrolls, employees, attendance data and more. Every report can be customized to produce the data in a way that is suitable to you.

With this in mind, we added the ability for you to tell Indigo to save report settings for every report in the system. By using the Remember generated report settings checkbox in the reports’ options panels, you can instruct Indigo to remember how you set up a particular report for each time you want to generate that report again.

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