Indigo, refreshed.

17 Jun 2021

At Shireburn, our product comes first, and our users can attest to the regular releases with enhancements and new features. Our latest release was a bit different, though, with no new features or enhancements. Since the launch of Shireburn’s Indigo Suite in 2015, the product has grown substantially. Now, 100,000 employee licenses later, the latest release saw the roll out of an updated the Indigo portal with a fresh look.

When logging in, you will be able to notice the changes straight away with the new, revamped login screen. Once logged in you will also notice updated colours, fonts and logos across the entire Indigo platform, including Indigo Attendance. The refresh of the portal brings it in-line with the rebrand of our Indigo website pages which we rolled out earlier this year. We think that these comforting, cool colours will make Indigo as pleasing to eye to as it is pleasing to your day-to-day workflow.

At Shireburn we pride ourselves on developing our solution based on our users’ needs to make their lives a little easier. We can’t wait to share with you the new exciting features and enhancements in the works to ensure that Indigo continues to simplify the day-to-day workflows of users, payroll processors and HR teams.

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