Indigo Performance – Performance reviews have never been so safe and effective

17 Jun 2024

Performance reviews do not have to be a strain. On the contrary, they can be designed to work hand in hand with your company vision, providing a safe process to grow your management and staff.


In addition, your HR department may be struggling with getting it all organised. We all understand however that performance reviews are necessary for an organisation which fosters growth and wellbeing for its employees, and is seeking to create a healthy work culture based on honest and authentic feedback and communication.


Indigo Performance was designed so that your performance reviews are a happy and safe experience for everyone. With this simple, yet effective tool you can create unlimited survey templates with either pre-written or customised questions that match your company’s objectives. The unique ‘Question Bank’ feature contains a library of questions which have been carefully formulated so that employees can feel safe and comfortable with their replies, and management can focus on the strengths of the individual. The Question Bank will be regularly updated by Indigo so that questions remain on par with the insights Shireburn has of the Employee Performance field. In addition, HR can opt to have completely different questions for employee and manager, enabling it to assess replies based on different criteria.


Department or function managers have visibility of their team members’ details, their past reviews and the status of their current review, while HR administrators can see all of this in more detail for all of the company’s employees, and employees will have access to their very own personal screen where they can view all their past and ongoing reviews.


Indigo Performance has been created always keeping the people’s experience in mind. We understand the sensitivity of such reviews and that is why we have created a tool that is reliably confidential. Employee and manager have full control of their reviews into the system, allowing them to decide when to publish their replies for the other party to see. Only once both reviews are published, do they become visible.


Your HR department will also have the flexibility to create ‘confidential questions’ which can be targeted at only one party, the employee or manager. Questions and replies will only be visible to them, allowing either the manager or employee to safely open up about and difficult issues they may be facing.


With Indigo Performance by your side, you can put your mind at ease that the complexities (whether administrative or at a human level) of performance reviews will be a thing of the past.


Indigo Performance is fully integrated with other Indigo platforms.


Why choose Indigo Performance?
A safe and positive experience for HR, management and staff.
Fully confidential.
Select questions from the Question Bank, or customise your own.
The Question Bank is regularly updated by Indigo.
Enhanced 9 box analysis: Measure employee potential, performance, teamwork, skill set, value, engagement and more.
Create an unlimited number of assessment and follow-up templates.
Send reminders straight from the system.
Take your time to complete responses or assessments and only publish once you’re done.
Have visibility of the review status and monitor progress.
Keep yourself updated with follow-up notes.
Gain an understanding of performance across the organisation.

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