Indigo Attendance Named Best Cloud-Based Solution as a Service in The Malta eBusiness Awards 2020

13 Nov 2020

Shireburn’s Indigo Attendance was named the best Cloud-Based Solution as a Service in The Malta eBusiness Awards 2020. The winner was announced on Friday 13th November.

Shireburn had already won a series of awards for its software products, both locally and internationally, with the organisation’s Indigo Payroll solution winning the award for MCA eBusiness Award for Best B2B App back in 2017.

“Success does not usually come from doing one thing right but from repeatedly doing things right over years. You can only achieve this with vision, good design and development, excellent execution, combined with great support and continuous innovation – that is what Shireburn’s team does every day.

Maintaining high levels is always hard. Doing so in the Technology sector over a long time span is even more challenging. Yet again I find myself being so proud of the achievements of the team and grateful for the support of our clients as we get closer to the company’s 37th anniversary.” said John de Giorgio, Executive Chairman of Shireburn Software

Indigo Attendance forms part of Shireburn’s Indigo Suite solution. A powerful and easy-to-use software that simplifies staff rostering, scheduling, labour cost management and attendance tracking. Indigo Attendance has recently introduced Indigo Mobile, an extension to the solution which has been adapted and optimised for remote workers. Given the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, Indigo Mobile has allowed Shireburn’s customers to continue to leverage the Attendance module to cater for the growing cohort of remote workers across the island.

The awards, organised by Tech.MT, aim to reward and aid in the promotion Malta’s best tech companies and solutions.

Shireburn Software is a 37-year-old software products company, specialising in the development of business software solutions and their support, both locally and overseas. Solutions include accounting, payroll and HR, inventory and retail solutions among others.

Get Attendance up and running in your Indigo Suite by contacting our team today!

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