Indigo Attendance Feature Update

14 Feb 2022

New Rounding and Limits to Allocate Overtime and Leave Entitlement in Rewards

The Shireburn Team has been working on yet another feature to give employers increased control over rounding and limits on allocating overtime and leave entitlement in rewards.

What’s new?

When setting the overtime and leave entitlement rules for rewards, you can now apply rounding and limit rules. The new rounding feature will allow you to either apply traditional rounding according to the relevant rounding interval, or specify whether the calculation should round up or round down. To increase the control over the calculation, the new limits feature also allows you to specify the minimum and maximum amount of time that can be allocated to an attendance exception.

Rewards and Penalties Approval

The Shireburn team has been working on a new feature in Indigo Attendance to give employers an improved level of control over how rewards and penalties are applied to employees’ salaries. With this new feature, employers can delegate specific users to review entries, reducing the room for human error or tampering, whilst contributing to both employers’ and employees’ peace of mind concerning fair allocation of rewards and penalties.

The new feature gives users the option to set a Reward or Penalty to require approval. This means that when attendance exceptions are generated with a Reward or a Penalty requiring approval, these entries must be approved by a user who has approval rights. Attendance exceptions can be easily approved or declined by using the newly implemented buttons, which appear with all options available to approving users.

Can every user approve attendance exceptions?

Admin users, and all users who already have permission to manage exceptions, have this right automatically assigned. In order for other users to be able to approve attendance exceptions, this permission must be manually assigned by an admin.

What happens if I skip one exception?

When the user clicks Send to Payroll, Indigo performs automated checks on all attendance exceptions and flags any entries that have not been approved or resolved yet, alerting the user to the specific entries and action required.

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