Have you heard about Indigo’s newest Hiring module?

23 May 2024

Start creating streamlined and simplified recruitment strategies today.

We understand that employers want to hire the best people in the shortest time possible. Indigo’s freshest, easy-to-use Applicant Tracking System will streamline the creation, process, management and overview of the entire hiring journey, right until the successful candidate is fully integrated into other Indigo platforms.

The cherry on the Indigo Hiring cake, is that it allows you to create your very own customised Careers page with your company brand, in a few easy steps. Once done, you are then ready to publish your open positions.

With Indigo Hiring’s dashboard you can monitor all your vacancies and the activity log for your company’s Hiring profile and also assign hiring managers who can sift through the many applicants and use a handy scorecard that will help you select those candidates that are closest to what you’re looking for. You will now be able to receive notifications, chat with the hiring team and applicants through the system, as well as confidently keep track of the entire hiring journey.

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