How automated attendance management can boost your bottom line

04 Mar 2021

At Shireburn we understand that your workforce is one of your key resources, which means that labour costs are one of the main contributors to business expenses. This is why employee time and attendance management could have a substantial impact on your bottom line.

Furthermore, the use of an automated, cloud-based time and attendance management solution like Indigo Attendance can increase the overall productivity of your team. Indigo Attendance helps avoid payroll errors while standardizing your scheduling processes. Ensuring your timekeeping data is accurate also reduces your HR team’s workload.

Below are some of the top benefits of using Indigo Attendance to automate your attendance management workflow.


Reducing Human Error

Many companies still depend on a pen-and-paper approach for time-tracking – a process that can be easily affected by human error, such as entering inaccurate hours. Using Indigo Attendance along with clocking data from a punch-clock device, you can ensure that accurate data is always gathered.

Indigo Attendance automatically allocates the vacation leave records of employees to their schedules without any manual intervention, reducing false errors.


Understanding Employee Costs

Increased data accuracy allows for better insights into labour costs. The reporting functionality available in Indigo Attendance allows you to gain a clear picture of your employee cost. This comprehensive understanding of your company’s employee costs will empower you to make more informed decisions.

The Indigo Attendance Scheduler includes Costings and Budgeting features that will allow you to calculate the value of allocated shifts, set a cost or hours budget for specific cost centres and allow you to see the budgeted and scheduled costs and hours worked out and presented as net costs and hours.


Empowering Your Workforce

Employees can easily access their upcoming and remaining leave balances as well as apply for time off through the employee portal. Additionally, employees can view their shifts and clockings through Indigo Mobile. This empowers your team by allowing them to access all of their time and attendance data at their convenience.

This empowerment can help improve employee satisfaction and engagement, which have a direct impact on the efficiency of your team.


Increased HR Productivity

Upgrading to automated attendance management will also result in your HR team spending less time dealing with payroll calculations and employee scheduling, allowing them to focus on other essential tasks.

For example, the Indigo Attendance Proximity feature takes away the tedious task of maintaining a schedule. This feature populates your Scheduler on your behalf by using actual clocking data that you import into the system. Proximity works by comparing an employee’s first clock-in against the nearest timings of the shift presets to determine which shift to allocate.


Payroll Integration

Indigo Attendance seamlessly integrates with Indigo Payroll, so all attendance data is sent to your payroll module at the click of a button. This means that attendance information can be processed easily and without manual intervention, resulting in a more accurate payroll.

Indigo Suite also allows you to transfer authorized rewards and penalties seamlessly to Indigo Payroll for simpler payroll processing.


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