6 reasons why Indigo Attendance is the perfect fit for your Indigo Suite

15 Apr 2021

All businesses operate differently, especially when it comes to scheduling work for employees. What works for a factory setting does not work for your convenience or retail shop, or neither for your remote-based workers or office space. Indigo Attendance simplifies staff scheduling and attendance tracking for businesses of any size and type. The award-winning solution provides you with complete control in how you manage your company’s schedules, attendance exceptions and automation for bonuses and penalties.

If you’re already an Indigo Payroll user—or you are strongly considering to make the move to Indigo—here are six reasons why you should include Indigo Attendance in your subscription plan:


Use one central database

Managing and updating multiple employee rosters for your different software solutions is cumbersome. With Indigo, you need only one database of employees. That’s because Indigo Payroll, Attendance and Indigo Mobile are all centered on a single and highly secure cloud database. This means there is no need for you to duplicate employee profiles and other employee data for each module in Indigo. Additionally, modifying employee data in one application applies immediately to the other, relieving you of the busywork required when handling multiple employee databases.


Automation domination

Indigo Attendance automationIt’s nice to have a helping hand when your workload gets heavy. Indigo Attendance is loaded with automated features to relieve you from much of the time-consuming work required to manage schedules and attendance records.

You can instruct Indigo to allocate bonuses automatically when employees clock in overtime or, conversely, you can set up automatic deductions for tardiness or absences. Approved leave from  available to be imported in your Scheduler. Then there are the Costings and Budgeting features that automatically tabulate labour costs and help you stay within budget. Features such as these let you focus more on other important aspects of your business.


No limit on the number of shift types you can create

shift typesNot every business operates the same in terms of schedules. That’s why we made it possible for you to create an unlimited number of shifts in your Indigo Attendance system. You have full customization freedom for your shifts as well, allowing you to build that perfect schedule for your diverse workforce. Whether it’s for catering, hospitality, factory, or even your standard office shifts, Attendance has everything to cover your scheduling needs.


Attendance data is sent directly to payrolls

Does your head spin (or hurt) after counting all those hours worked for every one of your employees during payroll? Indigo Attendance removes the task of manually inputting attendance records for your payrolls. All attendance data—from regular punches to overtime, absences, leave and more—that is captured in Indigo Attendance is sent to your payroll at the click of a button.

You can always give attendance data an additional review through the Clockings page in Indigo Attendance before finalizing payroll. This is just another way that Indigo provides the best in employee management solutions!


“Tap in” for work with  Indigo Mobile

Indigo Mobile allows employees to clock in and out of workwith their mobile phones. Whether they work on location, at a client’s site or remotely, employees will be able to track their work just by “tapping in” through the app. This is a great benefit for off-site employees, especially since they won’t have to update their timesheets at a later time.


You get a great deal on Europe’s top clocking devices

When you use Indigo Attendance for your schedule and attendance tracking needs, you get a great deal on one of Europe’s premiere time-tracking devices. Companies using Indigo get an exclusive deal on ZKTeco time management devices and software, a powerful time-tracking system that sends clocking records straight to Indigo Attendance. We help you get up and running on both systems to ensure that every second of work your staff puts in is accounted for from day one.


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