Shireburn’s Indigo cloud-based solution reaches 100,000 employees

01 Feb 2021

At Shireburn, we have started off the year with yet another great milestone: surpassing the 100,000 user subscription mark on Indigo within the first week of 2021.

This achievement affirms Shireburn’s cloud-based system as the leading payroll, HR and attendance management solution in Malta.

We would like to thank all Shireburn Indigo users for helping us grow. Your trust and continuous support have brought us to where we stand

It takes time and constant effort

Shireburn has over 37 years of experience in providing leading software products.

Our Indigo Suite is designed to simplify workflows of users and payroll processors as much as possible. Practical, simple to use and accessible from anywhere, two eBusiness awards later, the cloud-based solution now makes leave application and managing payslips, FS forms etc easy for over 100,000 employees across Malta while reducing the load on the person operating the payroll.

Our main growth driver has always been word of mouth—one happy client telling others about Shireburn. We believe that the best marketing we can possibly do is to have a great product. When you do, people will talk about it. This takes time, it takes effort and, above all, it takes a fantastic team to back it up.

A product that is continuously improving

Our product comes first, and we are constantly listening to our users, understanding their requirements and improving Indigo accordingly. We build our solution based on our users’ needs, and this is reflected in our continuous product updates. We take feedback seriously, good and bad. It gives us a chance to improve and a reason to get motivated.

2020 was an interesting year for everyone, including us at Shireburn. From the introduction of Indigo Mobile to many other features and enhancements, we were busy working to provide you with the best and most secure solutions to assist your remote teams and adding capabilities to align with new legislation.

The people behind the scenes

With a team of over 60, at Shireburn we are continuously growing and evolving.

We are passionate about what we do, and we pride ourselves in not only giving our customers the best solutions but also providing them with a top-notch level of support.

As we celebrate this milestone and thank our users, we promise you more exciting things to come from Shireburn, including more enhancements within our products and new features aimed at making your life a little easier.

Let us do the hard work, so you don’t have to!

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