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16 Feb 2024
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Indigo Performance is a comprehensive performance management module designed to streamline and enhance the review process, providing a holistic view of the organisation as well as team visibility for management and HR. Thanks to Indigo Performance, you can work hand in hand with your company vision and provide a safe and positive process to grow both leadership and employees.

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Be data-driven. Let insights across
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Key Features

Question Bank

A carefully formulated, regularly updated and modular library of questions designed for staff to feel safe during the review process.

Custom Questions

Opt to tailor your questions to match your company's objectives. You can have different types of questions for employee and manager.

Reliable and Confidential

Have specific questions which can be targeted solely at either the manager or employee. Questions and replies will only be visible to them.

Draft Support

Users can save reviews as drafts, allowing for flexibility in completing assessments. They can then view each other's reviews once both parties have published.

Holistic View

Organisation-wide and team-level visibility for managers, allowing users to track the Review Status per employee.

Timely Publishing

Responses can only be viewed once they have been published by both manager and employee.

Review Overview Icon

Review Overview

Allows for a comprehensive understanding of performance across the organisation.

Follow Up Notes Icon

Follow Up Notes

Managers can write follow-up notes, and the finalisation of reviews is under their control or that of the HR Team.

Analysis Options

An enhanced 9-Box grid feature analysis to help categorise performance results.

Timeline View Icon


Easily follow up with managers and employees with this 'reminder' feature directly from the system*.

*Reminders can be sent up to once daily per party.