Indigo Performance

16 Feb 2024
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Indigo Performance is a comprehensive Performance Management module designed to streamline and enhance the review process within organisations. The module provides a holistic view with Full Organisation and Team Visibility for Managers and HR Teams, and provides a comprehensive understanding of organisational performance.

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Icon for Question Bank

Question Bank

We've put together a question bank of common performance questions ready for you to include in your review questionnaires.

Confidential Questions

HR Teams can ask questions only viewable by the person answering and administrators, allowing for fully confidential responses.

Holistic View

Organisation-wide and Team-level visibility for managers, allowing users to track the Review Status per employee.

Future Publishing

Users can decide to publish their full responses at a later date, up until the due date of the review period.

Review Overview Icon

Review Overview

Allows for a comprehensive understanding of performance across the organisation.

Custom Questions Icon

Custom Questions

Tailor your Performance Management forms to suit your specific requirements with support for the addition of custom questions.

Draft Support Icon

Draft Support

Users can save reviews as drafts, allowing for flexibility in completing assessments. Users can view each other's reviews when published.

Follow Up Notes Icon

Follow Up Notes

Managers can write follow-up notes, and the finalisation of reviews is under their control or that of the HR Team.

Analysis Options

A flexible 9-Box grid feature and Bell Curve analysis to help categorise performance results.

Timeline View Icon

Timeline View

A Timeline Representation feature allows HR teams and Managers to monitor progress.