Indigo Hiring

07 May 2024
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Attracting the best talent is vital for any company’s success. Tailor your very own Careers page using your brand, stay connected with your team and applicants throughout the recruitment journey, whilst monitoring the status of job posts and applicant progress.

Pay as you grow with easy
payments based on the number of
active jobs.

Have a team of experts by your side
with our online help centre and
software support channels.

Be data-driven. Let insights across
the platform guide your
management decisions.

How it works

Create your own company careers page

Craft compelling narratives and captivating visuals to attract top talent to your organisation. Customise your company’s career page with engaging content, photos, and videos that showcase your unique culture and employer brand. Stand out from the competition and leave a lasting impression on potential candidates.

Manage your jobs

Simplify the job posting process and maximise visibility for your vacancies. With Indigo Hiring, you can effortlessly create, manage, and publish job posts straight into channels such as Jobhound. Reach a wider audience of qualified candidates and ensure your open positions receive the attention they deserve.


Streamline candidate evaluation and selection with Indigo Hiring’s comprehensive applicant tracking system. Review applications, view candidate profiles, and assess qualifications seamlessly within the platform. Utilise the scorecard feature to objectively evaluate candidates based on predefined criteria and make informed hiring decisions with confidence.

Hiring pipeline

Customise your recruitment workflow to align with your organisation’s unique hiring process. Indigo Hiring offers flexible pipeline management tools that allow you to define stages, automate responses, and track candidate progress effortlessly. Streamline your recruitment pipeline, eliminate bottlenecks, and accelerate time-to-hire for a more efficient hiring process.

Key features

Customisable company careers pages

Tailor your company's profile to reflect its unique identity and culture. With Indigo Hiring, you have full control over how your brand is presented to potential candidates. Showcase your company's values, mission, perks, and work environment to attract top talent that aligns with your organisational ethos.

Smart applicant management

Indigo Hiring's applicant management system streamlines the selection process with its innovative scorecard feature. Quickly assess candidate suitability, rank applicants based on predefined criteria, and identify the best fit for your team with ease.

Seamless communications

Stay connected with your team and applicants throughout the recruitment journey. With an integrated communication platform, allowing you to engage with teammates and candidates without switching between multiple tools. Collaborate efficiently, share feedback, and keep everyone in the loop effortlessly.

Centralised dashboards

Monitor the status of job posts and track applicant progress. Whether you're managing a single position or multiple vacancies, our intuitive dashboard optimises your hiring strategy effectively.