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15 Feb 2023
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The G3 Pro offers innovative contactless clocking functionality through facial recognition, palm recognition, and even RFID and password, making it extremely versatile.

The 3-in-1 palm recognition technology uses bio-authentication with a user’s palm vein, palm print, and the shape of the palm simultaneously, making it more secure and hygienic than traditional clocking methods. With the latest security algorithms, the device is incredibly robust and is designed to prevent spoof attacks.

Worried about ease of use? The G3 Pro offers a wide angle tolerance of +/-60°, and palm print and vein pattern analysis at a distance of up to 0.5m in less than 0.35s, making it effortless for your team to use.

You can rest easy knowing that your data is secure, as the device and its data storage are GDPR compliant. ZKTeco uses templates that anonymise data, effectively safeguarding user identities with high standards of data security measures.

Technical Specifications

Display: 4.3″ Touch Screen

– Face Capacity: 12,000

– Palm Capacity: 6,000

– ID Card Capacity: 20,000 (Optional)

– Record Capacity: 200,000

– Communication: TCP/IP, USB Host, Wiegand Output, Power Over Ethernet (Standard IEEE 802.3at)

– Standard Functions: ID Card / Work Code / WDMS, DST / SMS / Bell Schedule, Attendance Status Auto-Switch, Record Query / Photo ID, Custom Wallpaper & Screen Saver
– Special Functions: Multiple Biometric Verification Modes, Alive Face / Palm Detection, Duplicate Face / Palm Detection

– Access Control Interface for: Lock Relay Output, Alarm Output, Exit Button, Door Sensor, External Bell

– Optional Features: HID Proxy / IC Card Reader, Wi-Fi / 3G, External Printer

– Power Supply: DC 12V <500mA, Battery (2,000 mAh)
– Operating Temperature: 0°C – 45°C
– Operating Humidity: 20% – 80%
– Dimensions: 171.8mm (Length) X 199.2mm (Width) X 96.9mm (Thickness)
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Clocking Data

Import attendance data from our wide variety of biometric clocking devices and get up-to-date employee attendance records with no effort whatsoever.

Retain functionality with no power

We also offer devices which have a built-in backup battery, allowing them to keep operating normally in the event of a power cut, giving you peace of mind and business continuity.

Keeping your employees safe

Contact-less methods of clocking in and out such as face recognition and palm scanning will eliminate hygiene concerns and help keep your employees safe.

Suited for all business types

Our complete solution aims to cater for all businesses; whether your company operates in the manufacturing, retail, or catering industries.

Real-time Update to Payroll

Reduce manual input and errors with an integrated system that automatically updates Indigo payroll, transferring authorised rewards and penalties.

Multi-biometric capabilities

From palm identification to RFID and face recognition, our range of devices will give you the latest in high-quality access and attendance control.

Keeping your data secure

Our devices and the storage of data retrieved by them are GDPR compliant by design. This ensures that users' identifying information is kept private, secure, and fully encrypted.

A Complete Solution

Shireburn provides all the devices as well as the required software and maintenance as one complete seamlessly integrated solution.