Clocking Devices

12 Oct 2021
Clocking Devices Top 4

Shireburn offers multi biometric clocking devices that are integrated with Indigo. For specific hardware or requirements not specified below, kindly get in touch with our team who will be able to  provide you with further hardware options.

Pay as you grow with easy 
payments based on number of 

Have a team of experts by your side
with our online help centre and
software support channels.

Be data-driven. Let insights across
the platform guide your
management decisions.

Clocking Data

Import attendance data from our wide variety of biometric clocking devices and get up-to-date employee attendance records with no effort whatsoever.

Retain functionality with no power

We also offer devices which have a built-in backup battery, allowing them to keep operating normally in the event of a power cut, giving you peace of mind and business continuity.

Keeping your employees safe

Contact-less methods of clocking in and out such as face recognition and palm scanning will eliminate hygiene concerns and help keep your employees safe.

Suited for all business types

Our complete solution aims to cater for all businesses; whether your company operates in the manufacturing, retail, or catering industries.

Automatic Update to Payroll

Reduce manual input and errors with an integrated system that automatically updates Indigo payroll, transferring authorised rewards and penalties.

Multi-biometric capabilities

From palm identification to RFID and face recognition, our range of devices will give you the latest in high-quality access and attendance control.

Keeping your data secure

Our devices and the storage of data retrieved by them are GDPR compliant by design. This ensures that users' identifying information is kept private, secure, and fully encrypted.

A Complete Solution

Shireburn provides all the devices as well as the required software and maintenance as one complete seamlessly integrated solution.