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15 Feb 2023
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Experience Seamless Time Tracking with Indigo-Integrated Biometric Clocking Devices.

 Shireburn offers a range of multi-biometric clocking devices that are seamlessly integrated with Indigo, providing a comprehensive time and attendance solution. Among the devices available are the Silkbio-101TC, the Speedface V4L, and the G3Pro from ZKTeco’s Green Label line.


These devices can be managed easily with the Indigo Device Manager, which provides real-time clocking data and allows for centralised management. This means that the clocking devices can be updated from the Indigo Portal, whether it’s syncing a new employee or moving the device to a new work zone.


Paired with Indigo Attendance and Payroll, the Indigo Device Manager ensures that the clocking devices are synchronised with the latest employee data in Indigo. It allows you to identify employees in attendance with immediate reporting for Health and Safety requirements, as well as easily monitor who is currently clocked in or running late, and any exceptions based on the scheduled shift. 


If you have specific hardware or requirements not mentioned below, please get in touch with Shireburn’s team for further hardware options.



This Silkbio-101TC is a highly advanced device that supports fingerprint recognition, face recognition, and the RFID card functions. It can handle strong light sources and maintain high precision verification, even with wet or rough fingers.

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Speedface V4L

This Speedface V4L features contactless clocking functionality, using facial recognition and palm recognition technology, to eliminate hygiene concerns. However, it also supports traditional means of clocking such as a card and password, via its user-friendly touch-screen interface.

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The G3Pro supports contactless clocking through 3-in-1 palm recognition or facial recognition, as well as RFID. This device can be powered by Power over Ethernet and is also equipped with a battery backup. This makes it the perfect solution if a power source is not available.

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