We proudly present a journey designed by HR and wellness leaders for HR leaders. Join us on this transformative process brought to you by Shireburn, Malta’s leading payroll and HR platform and Sanya Eco Spa. During this 6-session course we address the elephant in the room ‘who looks after the HR leader?’

Our programme aims at transforming the way HR leaders look at their profession. We will provide you with a safe space to develop a deeper understanding of yourself and develop effective coping mechanisms to drive the people agenda without burning yourself out. We prioritise YOU. Will you join us and do the same?

Meet your mentors

Yasmin de Giorgio - Final

Yasmin de Giorgio

CEO – Shireburn Software

Mikela Fenech Pace - Final

Mikela Fenech Pace

HR Consultant, Executive & Team Coach

Topics to be covered

This session sets the foundation for the course with a deep understanding and practical application of the art of self reflection and self awareness.

You cannot do HR effectively without empathy. Yet, how many of us fall into the empathy trap? This session will look at how to channel your empathy as a source of strength, and not something that drains you.

This session will look at how to drive your HR agenda without the need for taking on responsibilities that are not yours leaving you frustrated and drained. We will look at your patterns and understand how you can manage them in a healthy way.

How can you protect yourself from the requirements of the job? This session will teach you how to detach at the appropriate times. It will also teach you how to recognise your triggers and respond in a safe way.

Leadership is not about the title. This session will look at your leadership style and the importance of inspiring followship rather than dictating leadership.

Becoming our best selves at work boils down to being able to manage our emotions. This session will take you on an in-depth journey to understand how best you can manage your emotions to be the best version of yourselves.

Additional Information

All sessions will last for two hours, starting from 10:30am, till 12:30pm at Sanya Eco Spa. Put yourself first and join us on this journey.

Group 1

Session 1 – Thursday 11th January, 2024
Session 2 – Thursday 25th January, 2024
Session 3 – Thursday 8th February, 2024
Session 4 – Thursday 22nd February, 2024
Session 5 – Thursday 7th March, 2024
Session 6 – Thursday 21st March, 2024

Group 2

Session 1 – Thursday 18th January, 2024
Session 2 – Thursday 1st February 2024
Session 3 – Thursday 15th February, 2024
Session 4 – Thursday 29th February, 2024
Session 5 – Thursday 14th March, 2024
Session 6 – Thursday 28th March, 2024


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