Device Limited Warranty

What devices are covered?

This limited warranty is in respect of ZKTeco Time and Attendance devices supplied by Shireburn Co Ltd.

What does the limited warranty cover?

This limited warranty covers each device and warrants them to be free from defects in workmanship, under normal use and service, for the defined period of time of twenty-four (24) months from the start of warranty date. Under this warranty, Shireburn Co Ltd will handle the repair or replacement, at its sole discretion, of any unit that fails to perform according to manufacturer published specifications during the warranty period 

In specific, the warranty covers the following parts and services: 

  • Motherboards 
  • Standard displays 
  • Communication boards 
  • Sensor modules 
  • Labour fees 

This Limited Warranty extends only to ZKTeko products and devices purchased directly from Shireburn Co Ltd. 

When does the warranty start?

The warranty is initiated on the day the device is installed by our technician, or authorised representative, or on the date of invoice, whichever is earliest.

What is not covered by the warranty?

This limited warranty does not cover software or damage to the product caused by modification, alteration, misapplication, misuse of, or physical abuse to the product; or damage caused by any repair or service to the product by anyone other than Shireburn Co Ltd, unless specifically authorised by Shireburn in writing. This includes unauthorised firmware upgrades. 

This warranty also excludes any damage to the product caused by circumstances outside of Shireburn Co Ltd.’s control, such as, but not limited to, lightning or fluctuation in electrical power, fire, any physical damage including cosmetic damages. 

This Limited Warranty does not extend to any Product that has been damaged or rendered defective by: 

  1. accident, misuse, or abuse (e.g. impacts, vandalism, short circuit, connection to improper voltage supply…). 
  2. as a result of an act of God (e.g. floods, fire…). 
  3. is not properly identified with its serial number. 
  4. operation outside the usage parameters stated in the Product’s User’s Guide or instructions given by Shireburn. 
  5. the use of parts not manufactured or sold by the device manufacturer, such as but not limited to third party accessories such as PoE convertors and custom brackets 
  6. unauthorized modification and/or manipulation of the Product (both hardware and firmware). 
  7. the ordinary everyday handling and use of the product’s functions, i.e. function buttons, cable connections, display, biometric sensors and RFID modules.  
  8. Any defective product requiring repair that is covered by the 2-year Warranty but is damaged and rendered defective according to the above-mentioned circumstances, will be repaired free of charge by, but all replaced parts and any transportation or shipping costs will be charged to the client. 

Shireburn Co Ltd. is not responsible for damage or loss to any configuration settings or data. This warranty excludes any and all shipping costs. 

Should a site visit be needed to inspect a faulty device, a site-visit fee of €50 (fifty) per hour will be incurred. 

All exchanged Products/Spare parts replaced under this warranty will become the property of Shireburn Co Ltd. Personal data will be automatically deleted, and hardware will be properly recycled according to European legislation. 

While repairing, Shireburn Co Ltd. is not responsible of consequential costs or any kind of refund as a result of damage or inconveniences caused by the period the equipment is out of service. 

Any repairs undertaken under warranty to devices or replacement devices provided shall themselves be subject to a warranty which will extend either for 90 days or the expiry of the original warranty period, whichever is the earlier.  

Out of warranty products

Any defective product requiring repair that is not covered by the 2-year Warranty can be repaired by Shireburn Co Ltd with all costs of the repair, replacement of expendable/spare parts and any shipping costs charged to the purchaser. The labour fee for all repairs will be €50 (fifty) per hour non-fractionable.

Terms and Conditions

  1. The devices will be installed or delivered with the quoted description and specifications.  
  2. The limited warranty does not limit or affect the Legal Warranty or any other legal statutory rights. 
  3. Warranty will be valid only with the presentation of the fiscal Invoice/Cash Sale, together with the original packaging, manuals, software, or any other items such as charger. 
  4. For warranty claims, devices need to be inspected by the Shireburn Technical Team or authorised representative before repair can start or a replacement can be issued. A report should be made via the Support channel or as directed from time to time. When a warranty claim is started, Shireburn reserves the right to check validity of your warranty claim and communicate entitlement for service accordingly. 
  5. Shireburn may provide short term loan devices while the product is repaired or replaced however this is subject to availability and Shireburn’s sole discretion and is subject to acceptance of the Loan Agreement and its terms and conditions by the borrower. 
  6. Shireburn ensures that the devices are always installed with the proper installation guide as directed by the manufacturer and is prepared to offer advice regarding proper installation and configuration when the device is ‘self-installed’, meaning that the device is installed by the customer or their representatives, but Shireburn Co Ltd will assume no responsibility if the installation is not carried out correctly or not in a recommended location. 
  7. Repair or replacement under the terms of this warranty does not give right to a new starting of the warranty. The warranty extension is equal to the period the product is in workshop for service. 
  8. Any replacement product may be either new or like new, provided that it has the functionality at least equal to the product being replaced, unless with the acceptance by the customer. 
  9. Goods are not sold on trial basis unless specifically indicated so in writing. 
  10. Devices may be supplied in cosmetically different packaging. 
  11. All goods remain property of Shireburn Co Ltd until paid in full. 

Device Warranty and Terms and Conditions