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Data Retention Policy

Personal Data will be retained by Shireburn in accordance with the Data Retention Policy of Shireburn as defined in the table below as it relates to different data types:


Data TypeRetention Policy
Client’s Personal Data shared with Authorised Staff for the purposes of the provision of implementation and support services.30 days
Data managed in Shireburn On-Premises SoftwareManaged by the Client
Data Managed within Shireburn Indigo and other Software-as-a-Service.60 days following termination of the Subscription agreement
Personal Data stored related to contracts, billing, procurement and similar administrative processes to enable the on-going relationship between Shireburn and the Client10 years from termination of the relationship.
Personal Data related to correspondence, proposals, actions and opportunities.Up to 6 years after termination of the relationship with Client
Personal Data of users registered on Help Desk services.
Applicable from 21 October 2019
3 years from last contact on Help Desk.

Shireburn shall hold the Client’s Personal Data only as long as is necessary to provide the Services, including administration, accounting, marketing and reporting in the context of a Legitimate Business Interest, and subject to:

  1. the rights of a Data Subject in terms of the Data Protection Law, such as requests for data access or deletion;
  2. any legal requirement for data retention as specified in any other law of the Republic of Malta, including laws including but not limited to Social Security, Income Tax, Value Added Tax, Employment and Industrial Relations etc.
  3. a request by an authorised Governmental or regulatory authority for an additional retention period

Modifications to this data retention policy can be effected by Shireburn publishing the new policy at this page and giving the client 10 days’ notice of such change. as long as, in the event that the client is not in agreement with such change, the client shall have the right to terminate the Services without penalty.


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