Shireburn becomes shareholder in UP Performance Coaching

John de Giorgio, Managing Director, Shireburn Software Ltd and Nathan Farrugia, CEO, UP Limited.

Shireburn has today announced that it is investing in UP Limited, the leading business coaching and executive development company led by renowned business strategist and executive coach, Nathan Farrugia, to accelerate UP’s growth locally and internationally. Following a year during which UP has provided the Shireburn team with performance coaching, associated personnel development and management consulting services, Shireburn have partnered with UP to bring similar value to Shireburn’s extensive client base and to scale its operations further.

“Shireburn has expanded rapidly over the last 18 months to a team of 65. Nathan Farrugia and his team at UP have worked closely for the past year with our management and team leaders to boost and empower our growing workforce,” said John de Giorgio, Shireburn CEO.  “We were so impressed with the impact on our teams and our business, that we have decided to invest as shareholders in UP.”

Shireburn has a 35 year history of delivering technology solutions to local and international companies. Today Shireburn enjoys a dominant position in the HR sector with the Shireburn Indigo Payroll, Leave and Time & Attendance software serving over 48,000 users, within clients of all sizes and across all industries.

“UP has grown significantly over the past 4 years and now includes many of the leading businesses across a wide range of industries as its clients. Our team works within companies to boost their human performance, coaching individuals from the CEO downwards, both locally and internationally” said Nathan Farrugia, the founder and CEO of UP. “The partnership with Shireburn allows us to leverage each other’s strengths and offer our services to the thousands of companies that rely on Shireburn to run their businesses. However, that is just the start; our partnership aims to support mutual growth, by merging digital innovation with education, and incorporate learning facilitated by AI to the benefit of our clients.”

By bringing together Shireburn’s business technology skills and UP’s coaching expertise, the two companies have plans to collaborate on a number of projects that include an online training academy, virtual coaching tools and blended learning qualifications. Shireburn and UP aspire to continue to lead the local business sector through thought leadership, creativity and exceptionally talented team players.

The UP coaching team use a wide range of practical and well-researched tools and techniques to help business leaders achieve excellence. Their services include Performance Transformation and Tracking, Executive Coaching, Corporate Wellness Initiatives and Leadership Development Programmes. UP is also the representative of Vistage Worldwide, the largest executive coaching company with more than 23,000 members in 20 countries, and a history of 60 years of experience coaching the world’s business leaders.

About Shireburn Software

Shireburn Software is a software products company, specialising in the development of business software solutions and their support, both locally and overseas. Solutions include accounting, payroll and HR, inventory and retail amongst others. Shireburn also specialise in airport and mall software.

About UP

UP are a team of business coaches aimed at unlocking the potential of business leaders. Led by renowned entrepreneur, business coach and TEDx Speaker Nathan Farrugia, UP enables individuals and teams to discover their true potential in business and life. Their methodologies have helped their clients achieve remarkable results through transformational leadership, performance tracking and business management.


SIMS and the EMVS regulation: How it affects your Inventory Management and Point of Sale

Important announcement for all users of Shireburn Inventory Management System (SIMS) and Shireburn Point of Sale (SPOS)

EMVS regulation conformity: how this affects your business operation


With the new European Medical Verification System (EMVS) directive coming into force on 9th February 2019, we are organising a seminar for our inventory and point of sale users (SIMS and SPOS), to announce the new features of our systems that will simplify the process of medicinal products validation.
We have been working for many months to ensure that your conformity with these regulations can be effected as smoothly as possible.
This event is open to all companies operating in the pharmaceutical sector, both wholesalers and retailers such as pharmacies.
If EMVS is a requirement for your business it is important to click here to register

New Time and Attendance software launched by Shireburn Software

Following the success of its award-winning Shireburn Indigo Payroll, the latest developments on the HR front were announced to more than 200 local businesses at a launch seminar organised by Shireburn last Thursday 15th November. 

With already more than 43,000 employees’ payroll and leave being managed by the Shireburn Indigo Payroll solution, Shireburn now launched their cloud-based Time and Attendance module to further streamline all people management processes for local businesses.

This will strengthen the Indigo platform with shift and attendance management, scheduling and rostering, exceptions handling, cost control and budgeting as well as vital automatic linkages with leave and payroll.

Local companies, particularly those that employ a dispersed workforce, or whose operations are dependent on efficient work scheduling, such as hospitality and manufacturing, can begin to make use of these additional features as of January 2019.

John de Giorgio, Managing Director of Shireburn Software explained that the successful take up and feedback on the Indigo platform has this far been highly positive, with over 2,200 Malta-based companies utilising Shireburn’s cloud solution increasingly on the rise.

“We’ve invested considerably in having the most practical solution designed and implemented by the team with the best skillset and latest technology to be able continue to serve our customer base, whilst developing the Indigo platform further. Work is also on-going to bring the company’s financial and inventory systems onto the Shireburn Indigo platform. Undoubtedly the key to our success has been the talent and innovation from within the company, and our uncompromising customer support service levels backing companies from those with 10 employees to those with over 1,500 employees” said John de Giorgio.

Shireburn Indigo’s cloud technology, coupled with a user-friendly web-based interface has made its popularity soar within the local HR and payroll community. In addition, its many unique features and self-service employee portal particularly useful for the online leave application and approvals process, have placed it at the forefront of innovation in its field, winning the MCA eBusiness Award for Best B2B application.

Shireburn this year also celebrates its 35th anniversary, having come a long way from its beginnings as an IT training company. Now with a team of 63, and a wide customer base, Shireburn continues to expand and grow its accolade of local and international awards.

If you are looking to see how we can improve your payroll, leave and attendance management, drop us a line and we’d be more than happy to provide you with all the information.  Contact us here >>




Pink October

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, a worldwide annual campaign involving thousands of organisations, to highlight the importance of breast awareness, education and research.

Shireburn Software joined the campaign this year and organised a fundraising office day where staff also turned up dressed in pink to mark the occasion.

Every employee received a pink ribbon to wear which symbolizes Breast Cancer Awareness. Through this initiative, Shireburn Software and staff contributed €300 towards the Action for Breast Cancer Foundation Malta. This organisation offers education and support, collaborates with other organisations and raises awareness and funds towards the cause.

For more information about how you can help the Action for Breast Cancer Foundation and how to donate please click here.




ChocoPralines of Happiness for a cause

Earlier this summer our team of prominent chefs gathered for a very important cause, to prepare Pralines of Happiness in order to collect money for the animals in need. The preparation was a great chance for the team to get together and have fun, and the sale went very well.

With everyone’s contribution we managed to collect €150. We contacted the Borg Cardona Supplies for a food and medicine voucher and we were happily surprised when they informed us that the they will support our cause by rounding our budget to €200! We then got the chance to visit the Island Sanctuary and make our donation.

We had a tour around the field and met all the dogs that are safely kept until a home is found for them. Gloria and her team are taking very good care of the dogs and are trying hard to find a nice place for them to live the rest of their lives. If you know anyone interested in adopting a dog or maybe wanting to volunteer in the dog shelter, feel free to contact Gloria at gbugeja@islandsanctuary.com.mt and help our furry friends! Check more photos here.