Shireburn offers a helping hand to the Malta Down Syndrome Association

To commemorate this year’s International Down Syndrome day, held on 21st March 2019, Shireburn employees were encouraged to wear mismatched odd socks and make a donation towards the Malta Down Syndrome Association.

The team at Shireburn joined the international #LotsOfSocks campaign to help increase awareness of Down syndrome. Even Shireburn team members working remotely in Malta and overseas joined in and provided their support!

This initiative forms part of Shireburn’s ongoing commitment to play an active role in supporting our community.

The Down Syndrome Association (DSA) is a voluntary non-governmental organisation established and run by parents of persons who have down syndrome. The aim of the DSA is to encourage people who have Down syndrome to fulfil their potential for successful and happy lives, in a society that recognises their abilities and is supportive of their needs. It strives to represent the interests and needs of people who have Down syndrome in all aspects of life and individuals’ needs, as members of the family and the community.

Thanks to the altruistic and collaborative efforts of the whole team, Shireburn is proud to say that this initiative was a great success, with a sum of money being donated to the association.

For more information about the Malta Down Syndrome Association, visit http://www.dsa.org.mt/


Shireburn appoints Nathan Farrugia as CEO

Shireburn Software has today announced the appointment of Nathan Farrugia as its new CEO

John de Giorgio, the founder of Shireburn, will take on the role of Chairman and will continue to hold a strategic and advisory position within the Group, while Franco Galea will continue to execute his current role as Operations Director.

Other appointments have been made to further strengthen management including Christian Agius as Head of Technology, Charles Mifsud as Head of Products, Kenneth Agius as Head of Financial and Adam Buttigieg as Head of Customer Services. Nathan has already been working with the senior management team for the last 18 months as a business coach.

Franco, Nathan and John
Left to right: Franco Galea, Operations Director, Nathan Farrugia, CEO, John de Giorgio, Chairman – Shireburn Software Ltd.

These enhancements all form part of Shireburn’s management succession plan and ensure business continuity for all its customers, both locally and overseas, and its staff. This decision also strengthens the foundation of the company for further growth locally and internationally.

Earlier this year, Shireburn announced its investment in UP Limited, the leading business coaching and executive development company led by Nathan Farrugia, whose previous role as CEO at UP is being filled by Julian Azzopardi, former head of JAYE Malta, a non-profit education institution specialising in providing entrepreneurship education programmes to young people. The UP team was also further strengthened earlier this year with the addition of Desiree Perez Ross as Head Coach. Nathan will continue to chair the Vistage Malta CEO groups and support some of the key clients on their ongoing programmes, whilst supporting the team with their own development.

“Shireburn has a 35-year history of delivering software products to local and international companies and thousands of companies rely on Shireburn solutions to manage their respective businesses,” said John de Giorgio. “It is our responsibility to ensure the continuity of Shireburn’s support to our clients’ businesses for the next decades. We see the Shireburn team led by Nathan will provide such continuity.”

“Shireburn has expanded rapidly over the last 2 years to a team of more than 60, including the establishment of frameworks for more remote workers to join our team.  We have worked closely with Nathan Farrugia and his team at UP for the past year to assist and guide our management and team leaders to boost and empower our growing workforce.”

“This is a gradual and planned transition which guarantees peace of mind to Shireburn clients knowing the team that they have worked with for many years are more than well equipped to continue what we created together over the past 35 years,” said John de Giorgio.

Nathan Farrugia outlined his vision for Shireburn. “I’ve had the privilege of working with the Shireburn team over the past 18 months and am impressed with their competence and commitment, so leading the team is going to be an absolute pleasure. Our aim is to take the organisation through its next evolution, capitalising on the significant recent investments in people and technology to create even stronger products and services for our local and international clients. Our goal is to keep Shireburn at the forefront of its market and continue to enhance our clients’ businesses through our products. We will continue to invest in our people and their skills to ensure the company remains a leader in the technology space and continues to attract talent; and I expect it to be a very interesting journey.”


Shireburn’s Point of Sale Software used at more than 1000 locations around Malta and Gozo

Simplify your business

Shireburn Point of Sale is a leading point-of-sale software solution for both retail and catering environments, within small to medium-sized businesses as well as larger multi-national franchises. SPOS speeds up the sales process at the till with a fully configurable and easy-to-use display, whilst providing the structure and controls necessary for a robust inventory system. We can get you started in no time at all.
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Over 1,000 retailers have entrusted us with the final and most crucial stage of their proceedings. But we’ll leave it up to you to decide.

  • Highly configurable software that can be customised according to my specific business needs
  • Increased speed at the till – with optimised user experience, support for layaways, optimal cash management and an intuitive user interface
  • Better inventory control for distributed or centralised operations
  • Time and attendance recording of staff working hours
  • Employee audit and control
  • Uninterrupted operations working both online and offline
  • Integration with other Shireburn Software solutions including Shireburn Financial Manager (SFM), Shireburn Indigo, and business intelligence platforms.

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Shireburn Indigo launches integration with Revolut for Business

Local companies using cloud-based Shireburn Indigo Payroll are now able to pay employees from a Revolut Business account.

Shireburn Indigo PayrollCompanies using Shireburn Indigo Payroll are now able to effect payments to their staff using their company’s Revolut Business Account, removing the cost of transaction fees for processing their payroll transfers.

Shireburn has recognised the growing use of Revolut in the corporate sector, and has been quick to support outgoing payments from Revolut Business Accounts. Our Shireburn Indigo product was always able to process payments to employees’ personal Revolut accounts, but has now added the capability to process payroll transactions from the company’s own Revolut Business account.

Shireburn Indigo enables companies to pay certain employees from one specific bank account while others are paid through a different bank, providing local businesses with utmost flexibility in so far as their payroll transactions.

“The Indigo platform continues to provide local companies with a broad set of options and the flexibility to process their payroll transactions in whichever manner is beneficial to their company” explained John de Giorgio, Managing Director of Shireburn Software.

“It has always been our product strategy to adapt to market trends and innovation for the benefit of our users,” explained John de Giorgio. “With over 54,000 employees’ payroll and leave being managed by the Shireburn Indigo Payroll solution, we are pleased to be able to bring this new feature to market.”

Shireburn recently also launched their cloud-based Time and Attendance module to further streamline all people management processes for local businesses. This strengthens the Indigo platform with shift and attendance management, scheduling and rostering, exceptions handling, cost control and budgeting as well as vital automatic linkages with leave and payroll.

Shireburn Indigo’s cloud technology, coupled with a user-friendly web-based interface and self-service orientation has made its popularity soar within the local HR and payroll community, winning the MCA e-Business Award for Best B2B application.

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Shireburn Reaches 50,000 Employees on Shireburn Indigo

Make the Switch

With a number of automated setup and migration options, Shireburn Indigo is quick and easy to get going, for both small and large organisations. Our expert team is able to guide you through a number of implementation options and manage your transition to Shireburn Indigo to ensure that there are no interruptions to your operations.

We can get you started in no time at all. Get in touch with us to find out how.

Shireburn Software has just reached a 50,000 employees milestone on the Shireburn Indigo platform – and it’s quite easy to see why users love it:

  • Quicker payroll processing. With more than 30 years in the payroll software industry, we fully understand how to make payroll less tedious and complex for you. Automation is key!
  • Built-in Leave Management functionality allows HR to set the organisations hierarchy for leave approval processes through an online system
  • A unique Employee Portal allows employees to manage their leave, view their payslips, past FS3s and more.
  • Easy-to-manage Time and Attendance management including shifts and rosters.
  • With Payroll, Leave and Time & Attendance management consolidated into one system, you need not worry about discrepancies, and can enjoy the benefit of less administrative work to run your teams.

Available from anywhere and using the latest web technologies, Shireburn Indigo is an accessible solution that helps users simplify their work by automating as many processes as possible, and providing them with a toolset to better manage their entire workflow.


Shireburn supports POYC medicines verification in line with Falsified Medicines Directive

Shireburn launched EMVS module for inventory and point of sale last December

With the new Falsified Medicines Directive coming into force on 9th February 2019, pharmaceutical companies are now also able to verify and decommission POYC medicines using Shireburn’s own EMVS module at the point-of-sale.

In addition to supporting pharmaceutical clients, ensuring their compliance with the EU Falsified Medicines Directive, Shireburn have extended their support to also handle POYC dispensing.

The inclusion of the POYC functionality will ensure even smoother processing at the Pharmacy and the use of one single software for all FMD compliance processing. Pharmacies will not be required to enter POYC products into their inventory system in order to verify them as the new directive requires.

In addition, the new feature also supports the common practice whereby pharmacies pre-pack the POYC packages for patients.

Shireburn’s EMVS module was launched in December to help pharmaceutical businesses and pharmacies to automate adherence to the new directive. The European Medical Verification System (EMVS) is an initiative to protect the European pharmaceutical supply chain from the entry of falsified medicines and enforces verification of authenticity at the point of supply of all prescription products.

Pharmacies and other local businesses involved in the sale of medicines will need to verify each product at the point of dispensing to the patient. With the help of the new EMVS software module, Shireburn’s inventory and point of sale users will benefit from an automated verification process that involves scanning the barcode of each product as it is being sold, automatically validating it with the Malta Medicines Verification Organisation (MaMVO) as well as managing their stock and cash.  Extending this capability to POYC stock further adds value and automation through one single point.

The Shireburn EMVS module is designed to ensure minimum impact on users with one scan, maximum automation and full auditing and ensures minimisation of manual work that would need to be typically done at the point of sale in the absence of an automated and integrated system such as the Shireburn EMVS module.

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