Reduce Local Infrastructure. Hello Hassle-Free Cloud Hosting

Reduce Local Infrastructure. Hello Hassle-Free Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting is an online service that allows users to access software applications and store data on remote servers instead of using a local infrastructure. Many of our clients are switching to hosting our applications in the cloud as we collectively adapt to the increasing digital and remote age. This is why at Shireburn we are now offering cloud-hosting services for the Shireburn Financial Manager (SFM), Shireburn Inventory Management System (SIMS) and Shireburn Freight System (SFS). In this blogpost we will be discussing several benefits that this offering could provide to companies like yours.

Buying and maintaining hardware is costly and a headache that can be avoided. 

One of the main benefits of cloud-hosted applications is that there is no need for local infrastructure. When a company uses local infrastructure, they need to have physical servers and other hardware on-premises to store their data and run their applications. This means that the company needs to purchase, install, configure, and maintain all the hardware and software required to keep their systems running. Additionally, local infrastructure can take up valuable office space, and it can be expensive to upgrade or replace equipment as needed. 

Tired of continuously investing money to keep your infrastructure up to date? By using Shireburn’s cloud-hosting services for SFM, SIMS, and SFS, you don’t need to worry about any of this. We will provide you with a fully managed service including hosting your server at secure data centres, backup of your data, and a secure connection to the Shireburn applications.

Access anytime, anywhere! 

Are you struggling to ensure that your team can easily access SFM, SIMS, or SFS, even when working from home? Many of our clients need their workers to access systems remotely, whether because they have multiple office locations, or have remote workers. The need for remote access is only becoming bigger and can help you empower your workforce to work more flexibly, increasing productivity and collaboration.

No more security and maintenance hassles! 

Partner with us to host your applications on the cloud while you focus on growing your business. You will have the benefit of one point of reference to support your business systems while we take care of hosting and backing up your data, updating antivirus software, and keeping your servers secure. Our servers are protected by multiple layers of security, including firewalls, intrusion detection systems, and 24/7 monitoring. Additionally, our antivirus software in place offers enhanced protection against malware and other cyber threats.  

In short, hosting your SFM, SIMS and SFS applications on the cloud allows you to access the software and services you need, without the need for local infrastructure. This substantially helps companies reduce costs, increase flexibility, and focus on their core business functions, while leaving the technical details to us. 

If you already have a licence for SFM, SIMS or SFS, we can migrate these onto our cloud-hosted environment effortlessly. By switching over to cloud-hosted applications, companies can save money, increase productivity, and focus on their core business functions. 

Ready to say goodbye to local infrastructure?


Data Privacy Day

Data Privacy Day

The 28th January is internationally recognised as Data Privacy Day; focusing on creating awareness on the importance of keeping and respecting the privacy of individuals and for businesses to be clear and transparent about how they handle such information.

At Shireburn we recognise this by continuously improving our cyber security, making sure that we safeguard the data that clients entrust us with. The CIA Triad model helps us to achieve this.

CIA stands for ‘Confidentiality’, ‘Integrity’ and ‘Availability’. This model is what we base our Indigo Payroll, Indigo Attendance, and Indigo HR solutions on. Besides ensuring that our own internal practices follow this model, we have also implemented several features to allow our users to minimise data privacy risks in their own workplace. Below are some of the features and practices Shireburn has built to ensure that your data is safeguarded.

Confidentiality – Data should be accessed only by those authorised to do so

Users are assigned a user Role which is tied to a specific set of user permission sets. 

  • We have all functions and screens in Indigo which are associated with either a role, a permission or both.
  • Permission sets are organised and allocated to a user. This means that as an administrator, you will have the possibility to customise access at a granular level.
  • Whitelisting and blacklisting of IP’s allows you to tighten down access if needed.
  • Our multi-factor authentication offers yet another medium to secure the login process.
Integrity – Data should be protected against unauthorised alterations, maintaining consistency and trustworthiness 
  • All data which is sent to Indigo is encrypted in transit.
  • Each successful or unsuccessful login within the system is audited.
  • Every URL visited in the system is audited.
  • Every record in the system maintains the “created on,” “created by,” “modified on,” and “modified by” fields.
  • Sensitive information such as Employees & Payroll Calculations, are audited when modified or deleted.
Availability – Data should be available and accessible when needed by those authorised to do so
  • Data is replicated on Microsoft Azure services in two different EU countries. This provides a greater assurance on the availability of our service.
  • We carry out Business Continuity Plans and Disaster Recovery (BCP/DR) processes at least once a year. In the extreme case of an emergency, our highly skilled security and development teams are prepared to execute established processes to bring up any effected services in set periods.
  • We conduct weekly internal penetration tests as well as tests carried out by third parties who provide us with an independent assessment of the application and security infrastructure we have. This helps us continue working on our strengths as well as allowing us to identify and act upon any weaknesses or threats.
  • With a rolling uptime of 99.991%, the Shireburn team continues to make sure that Indigo is available and continues to improve your workflow.

Keep an eye out for upcoming Indigo features related to a more integrated authentication method within your environment, as well as additional functionalities which will further enhance your compliance with GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation).


Shireburn’s Beverage Container Refund Scheme Modules

What is BCRS?

On November 14th, 2022, the Beverage Container Refund Scheme (BCRS) will be launched in Malta. The aim of BCRS is to incentivise the return of single-use beverage through a refundable deposit on single use beverage containers.

How does it work?

A deposit of €0.10 is added to the purchase price of relevant beverage at beverage producer or importer stage. The deposit is then charged to retailers at the wholesale stage which is then passed onto the consumer.

Consumers can recoup the deposit by returning the beverage container via a retailer or Reverse Vending Machine where they will receive a BCRS voucher.

Further information about BCRS can be found here.

How can Shireburn Help?

The Shireburn Team have been busy preparing for the implementation of the BCRS by developing a new BCRS module for both our inventory management system as well as our POS system. Once setup, the system will auto-allocate the BCRS charges to the applicable products within the scheme without any user intervention. This will protect the business to conform to the BCRS requirements, provide for more accurate reporting and at the same time account for the unit charge on the quantity sold with the applicable rates without the need of any user intervention. The POS also supports the validation of BCRS vouchers before redeeming the money and decommissioning of the vouchers once sale is confirmed.

Shireburn Inventory Management System

The new BCRS module implemented within Shireburn Inventory Management System (SIMS) include the following functionality:

  • Identify the products that will make part of the BCRS Scheme through the stock cards
  • A new unique non inventory stock code that will be used for the BCRS and is thus allocated to an Exempt VAT Code
  • A new field to identify the BCRS registration number
  • Creation of a new entry at the bottom of the sale to autofill the BCRS stock code, the € 0.10 selling price and the auto calculation of the total BCRS quantity (bottles and containers) included in the current sale. The item will be added on the sales posting screen immediately before the confirmation of the sale
  • Functions to assist in the sales products in packs
  • Reporting options will provide for the BCRS “sales” reporting which will be linked to the new stock code
  • Function to exclude the BCRS code from discount calculations

Shireburn Point of Sale

The new POS BCRS Module will include the following functionality:

  • Auto-creation of a new item at the bottom of the sale with the BCRS stock code
  • Auto-generation of the sum of the applicable quantity and add the resulting value to the sales total
  • Appending the BCRS code immediately before confirming the sale
  • Option to exclude the BCRS value from any discounts & product schemes given on the POS
  • Exclusion of BCRS item code from the POS Customer Loyalty Schemes
  • Chit modifications to conform to the new BCRS requirements
  • Where required, a new payment type needs to be created BCRS Ref. Dep. This will be linked to the BCRS RVM Server to validate each voucher to be redeemed
  • Support of unlimited number of vouchers to be redeemed
  • For each voucher, the system will validate the voucher
  • The voucher numbers are maintained on the system
  • On completion of the BCRS vouchers posting, the system will automatically allocate the redeemed value to be reduced from the amount due from the customer
  • Once the sale is confirmed, the POS will decommission the voucher(s) so that they cannot be used again

Manage Documents in SFM

Shireburn Financial Manager now supports document management! Documents can now be attached to accounting transactions in SFM, specifically in nominal, sales and purchase ledgers. The functionality is also extended to support attachments to the chart of accounts, clients and suppliers, as well as VAT returns and bank reconciliations.

The documentation can be opened, amended or deleted through the current viewing options available in SFM. Now, you can easily search for and view the accounting documentation, contracts and documented journals with one click. The system also supports multiple attachments to the same record.

SFM access controlled/permissions is now extended to include full management of access to the document management function. This feature aims to help users consolidate the accounting documents within SFM for easy access and retrieval, when required.


Process Payments Faster with SFM SEPA Module

Over the past few years, local banks have been developing their technology to provide better security access for online banking. However, the process is becoming ever-complicated with additional steps required to set up payees and authorise the payments.

Processing payments through a bank’s internet banking portals costs you and your employees’ valuable time as they are required to set up and maintain a profile for each supplier or payee in both the accounting system as well as the online banking system. This includes manually inputting the payments one by one which then have to be authorised by the top executives either by scanning or keying-in an authorisation code for payment. Needless to say, this also increases the risk of keying errors by employees copying the data from the accounting system.

 How can the SFM SEPA Module help you?   

With the SFM SEPA module you are able to authorise all payments in one click, with access to the details, and the payment file required by your bank is automatically generated. While reducing the time required for top executives to process the payments, the payment runs are all fully audited, including the maintenance of IBAN numbers.

SFM SEPA Benefits

Interested in finding out more about the SEPA module? Our team has prepared a quick demo video for you, so you can see the full value of how it works and how easy it is to use!

Ready to start saving time and money when issuing payments?

Contact our team on: sales@shireburn.com or through our online form here.


Minimise Bank Charges with the SFM SEPA Module

Over these last few years, a lot of effort has gone into reducing the use of cheques within the local business community and the general public.  Businesses, especially banks, have implemented systems to manage payments electronically without the need to write cheques and go through the process of deposits which requires time and effort from employees.

Today, banks are providing better security to access your account balances and are rolling out reduced charges to process payments straight on their systems as opposed to cheque issuance. Payment of a few hundred euros will now cost €0.15, less than a postage stamp! On the other hand, banks are looking at increasing the rates to process your cheques, which could cost you €2 per cheque with the banks’ new terms and conditions.

However, processing payments through internet banking portals still costs your employees’ time:

  • You require to setup a profile for each supplier to maintain the IBAN number.
  • Each payment amount, after being updated in your accounting system, needs to be entered again into the bank’s system and double-checked to confirm that amounts are correct.
  • Top executives will require time to scan or key in the authorisation code for each individual payment.

How can the SFM SEPA Module help you?

The SFM SEPA Module offers a flexible approach to processing both local and foreign payments, with an easy choice of payment methods available upon posting, from SEPA to bank transfer or cheque.

How SFM's SEPA Module can help you minimize bank charges

Our team has also prepared a demo video for you, so you can get a better understanding of how our SEPA module works – and how easy it is to use! Check it out below.

Ready to start saving time and money when issuing payments?

Contact our team on: sales@shireburn.com or through our online form here.