Introducing Indigo’s NEW Time Tracking Add-on!

Whether your company is in a service business, or simply works on different client assignments, it is sometimes required to keep track of the hours worked per project.

Time tracking can be a key element within an organisation as it sheds light on how much time is spent on client work, which can then be billed accordingly. Keeping track of time manually can be quite time-consuming to businesses so our team made this easier for you.

You can now keep track of how much time is worked on a project by using Indigo’s NEW time tracking add-on. Upon configuring the right settings, employees can select a project when clocking in for work using the employee portal. This makes it possible to automatically log and follow time worked on specific projects.

This add-on also integrates fully with our clocking devices. When importing clocking data into Indigo, administrators can set the default project for a device. This is useful when a device is tied to a specific project, and on which all employees’ punches would only apply to that project.

All project-related clocking data and the relevant employee hourly cost rate can be easily extracted into reports based on either the raw punches or the daily attendance. The latter allows you to identify any overtime which can be attributed to a project.

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Indigo’s BambooHR integration simplifies your workflow

Utilising our Indigo Suite gives you more time to focus on your people.

Ever since we’ve teamed up with BambooHR – one of the leading HR software solutions providers, we’ve learned that whilst some companies use it as an HR tool to manage essential employee information, others also use it to keep track of their employees’ leave request entries and leave balances. During Payroll period, these balances are manually inserted into Indigo Payroll so that the correct calculations are carried out before pay day. Although tedious, this step is required by many so as to keep both Indigo and BambooHR up to date.

We’ve facilitated this process and enhanced our integration with BambooHR to enable you to export leave request entries and leave balances from Indigo directly to BambooHR. This update will help users keep focus on their people, by simplifying and reducing time-consuming processes, whilst retaining peace of mind that BambooHR and Indigo remain in sync.

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There’s a plan for every business: Introducing Indigo Attendance Essentials!

Software at its best makes your complex processes simple. With Indigo Attendance we address your staffing availability, rostering and clocking processes, but we wanted to make it even simpler for operations that don’t have a complex scheduling requirement but still want to track their employees’ hours.

That’s why our team worked hard to bring you Indigo Attendance Essentials – a new plan with the essential features needed to help businesses with their time and attendance management functions.

With the New Indigo Attendance Essentials plan, we’ll help your business get started on managing employee working hours without the hassle of setting a schedule or shift rota, enabling you to keep track of employee hours in an easy and efficient way.

Users wishing to subscribe to our Standard plan will benefit from everything included in the Essentials plan, along with scheduling, and shift management and patterns. Businesses after more advanced controls can subscribe to our Premium plan, which includes everything in the Standard plan along with costings, budgeting and awards and penalties approval. A full list of features for our different Indigo Attendance product offerings can be found here.

What’s even better is that we’ve made it possible to grow alongside you! Users can now request to upgrade from one plan to the next, unlocking more advanced features aimed at optimising their individual business needs.

Shireburn is always here to help keep you equipped with the tools you need to run your business efficiently and effectively.


Introducing Indigo Target Attendance

We’re thrilled to announce that the Shireburn Team has been working hard to launch Indigo Target Attendance; a new Indigo Attendance feature aimed at helping you compare the hours your employees work versus the hours your employees are expected to work. What’s even greater is the fact that this comparison can be carried out over a longer period (weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, etc.), rather than just on a daily basis.

How does it work?

First and foremost, you would need to configure your Target Attendance profiles. These can easily be configured and tailored to individual business needs. A quick example of such profiles would be 40 hours over 7 days, or 20 hours over 7 days, amongst others. Once these profiles are set up, you would then need to assign your employees to the respective profiles and that’s it, Indigo Target Attendance will do the rest!

This feature caters for both employees working on a schedule, and those whose work is not scheduled. The system will automatically help you identify any abnormal clockings, by calculating the hours your employees work, versus the expected hours based on their Target Attendance profile. Calculation of hours worked is automatically extracted and verified too.

Indigo Target Attendance seamlessly integrated with Indigo Payroll, helping you reduce human error and manual inputting of data, while enabling you to automatically update your payroll at the click of a button.


Periodic Payments in Indigo Payroll

What are periodic payments?

Periodic payments are payments or adjustments to an employee’s payroll that need to be carried out regularly, but not monthly. Such items can include director’s fees or quarterly allowances.

Did you know that you can set up periodic payments with Shireburn’s Indigo Payroll?

Users can set up these pay items to be triggered on specific days of the year. Each time this payment is automatically triggered, it is added automatically to the payroll under which it falls.

Does Shireburn’s Indigo Payroll carry periodic payments forward to the next year?

Yes! These pay items can be carried forward automatically for future years. If for example, a periodic payment is set on the 29th February, it will be automatically included in the next year on the 1st March, since leap years occur every four years.


NEW: Assign and Clear Shift Patterns in Bulk

One of the most challenging and time-consuming tasks of many business is the shift planning process, especially assigning, editing and ending shit patterns to employees. Over the past few weeks, the Shireburn Team has made significant improvements in Indigo Attendance’s scheduler with the aim of improving your scheduling workflow.

Previously, shift patterns could only be allocated to or cleared from one employee at one go. With this new feature, we’re saving you time as it is now possible to assign and clear shift patterns to multiple employees simultaneously!

Simply navigate your way to the scheduler in Indigo Attendance, select the start date and choose which shift pattern you would like to assign or clear and which employees you’d like to action this for and you’re good to go. Once you are done your scheduler will be automatically updated with the information submitted.