Celebrating 40 Years: A Legacy of Transforming Your Challenges into Our Solutions

As we celebrate our 40th anniversary here at Shireburn Software, we can’t help but reflect on the incredible journey we’ve embarked on – a journey shaped by the trust and support of clients like you. This milestone isn’t just about us; it’s about the transformational collaborations we’ve had the privilege to forge with incredible partners like yourself.

For four decades, we’ve been driven by the commitment to turn your challenges into our solutions. It all started in 1983 when our Chairman and Founder, John de Giorgio, set out on a path to revolutionise the business solutions landscape. Today, we stand proud, having evolved into a significant force in the market servicing over 7,500 companies benefiting from our diverse suite of products, ranging from accounting and inventory management, to payroll, HR, and attendance management, among others.

John de Giorgio
Chairman and Founder

In the words of John de Giorgio, “Our success is a testament to the dedication of our team and the trust clients place in us.” We couldn’t agree more. It’s your belief in us that has fueled our pursuit of excellence, propelling us forward in an ever-evolving digital landscape.

Yasmin de Giorgio, our CEO, shares her pride in leading a team that consistently pushes boundaries and delivers value. She adds, “This anniversary is a celebration of the huge impact Shireburn has had over 40 years. It is the impact of our products and outstanding support service that has created the relationships with clients that has stood the test of time.”

Yasmin de Giorgio

Christian Agius

Speaking of our team, our Chief Operations Officer, Christian Agius, emphasises our approach to challenges, saying, “We have a deep commitment to  learning and improving. We don’t outsource the hard parts, but constantly push ourselves out of our comfort zone to keep making our products better.” His words reflect our commitment to learning and growing together, tackling obstacles head-on.

Neil Caruana, our Head of Engineering, beautifully captures the essence of our approach: “We build things like we’re building them for ourselves, we solve problems as though we are solving them for ourselves.” At Shireburn, our commitment extends beyond solving problems. It’s about crafting solutions that resonate profoundly because we invest ourselves in every aspect. We pride ourselves on an intimate understanding of your needs, infusing warmth and passion into everything we create.

Neil Caruana
Head of Engineering

As we celebrate this remarkable occasion, we recommit ourselves to our core values of integrity, innovation, and customer-centricity. Your trust and partnership have been instrumental, and we’re excited to continue this transformative journey together.

Thank you for being an integral part of our story. Your support inspires us to stay on the edge, pushing ourselves and each other, never settling for the ordinary.

Maximising Project Efficiency: Empowering ‘Time-Tracking by Project’ using the Indigo Mobile App

Are you tired of managing countless spreadsheets and manual time-tracking methods for project management? Wondering if there’s a simpler, more efficient solution? Discover how the Indigo Mobile App revolutionises time-tracking, offering streamlined project management and enhancing overall business productivity.

Seamless Time-Tracking Experience

With the Indigo Mobile App, time-tracking by project becomes a breeze. The app allows employees to clock in and out, assign time to specific projects, and effortlessly switch between them; all in real-time, allowing you to catch a break on the never-ending paper trails and spreadsheets. Our app offers versatile views: ‘Search’ for quick navigation, ‘All’ for active projects, ‘Recent’ for past projects, and ‘Favourites’ for starred projects, easing selection particularly in extensive lists. Additionally, employees can switch projects mid-clocking, either creating a new punch or modifying the existing one without clocking out. Managers can access real-time data on how much time each employee attributes to a project, enabling better resource allocation and allowing informed decision-making.

Boosting Employee Productivity


In today’s ever-changing work environment, where hybrid work is increasingly becoming a norm, the Indigo Mobile App empowers employees to track their time from anywhere, facilitating flexible work arrangements without compromising productivity. By providing a clear overview of project timelines and deadlines, the app helps employees stay focused on project goals. The ability to allocate time to specific tasks encourages a more structured and productive workflow.

Seamlessly Integration and Scalability


The app seamlessly integrates with our Indigo Payroll system, ensuring a smooth workflow which minimises data entry duplication and streamlines the overall process. Whether your business is just starting or a well-established one, we strive to adapt your challenges to our solutions. This scalability accommodates growing teams and expanding projects without compromising efficiency, making it a viable long-term solution.
Tracking time by project is no longer a hassle with the Indigo Mobile App – Empower your business today. Get in touch with us today and embark on a journey towards effortless project management.


The CEOs People Dilemma

How many times have you presented strategies that haven’t worked out as you intended? How many times have you made plans only to realise that you didn’t have the capacity to implement these plans? How many times have you turned to your people and felt frustrated at their lack of motivation, lack of drive or even lack of understanding? How many times have you heard yourself think ‘my people are not up to the task’ or wondered ‘how can I get my people to do this?’

Whichever industry you are in, whatever initiative you are driving and irrespective of how digitised you have become, ultimately your business will depend on the people. It makes sense therefore to take a closer look at your greatest investment and greatest competitive differentiator in the market. It is your people that define you and it is your people that will bring your business goals to light. Yet in reality, how much do we know about our people?

How often do you look at your wage bill on your P&L and wonder why it is increasing? How often do you wonder where this investment is going and what added value it is bringing to your business? Your wage bill is probably your biggest cost. It is also your biggest investment. Yet, how much do you actually know about this cost? How much data have you got in hand to analyse this cost?
The world of people analytics is a relatively old concept yet one that boggles the mind as to how to extract this data and analyse it properly. Beyond the excel formulas and brackets, inverted commas, pivot tables and v-look ups, there is a wealth of information to be explored and analysed. I have always wondered why it comes so naturally to finance driven people to understand a company just by looking at a P&L, yet struggle to explore the data behind their people costs.

In all honesty I do not blame CEOs for this oversight. People are often complicated and difficult to understand. One can be forgiven for thinking this area is best left undiscovered. Yet who wouldn’t want to be given a clear picture of their people in an objective and non-judgemental way? Numbers and dashboards don’t lie. They represent a picture. It’s the information that picture gives us that allows us to make informed decisions. Decisions that are not based on opinion or on gut feeling or even on a whim. Decisions that are taken on fact .

Just imagine what insight you can gain with data that can be extracted from your people analytics. Are your staff on the verge of burnout? Is there a toxic manager in your midst? Are your people abusing of sick leave? Is there a staff member at risk in your company? Are your staff engaged and, if not, why? What is my wage bill projection for the next few years? How sustainable are my teams in the current environment? The list of analytics is extensive. It’s a question of how to obtain this insight.

People data gives you the opportunity to dig beneath the surface of your largest line item – your people. Understanding what’s at play and what decisions are required to maximise this investment will ensure it adds the required value to your business. For, after all, our people are our major competitive advantage.


Franco Galea celebrates 30 years at Shireburn

Shireburn Software this month celebrates the 30th anniversary of Franco Galea, a director and mainstay of the company’s success over the years.

Franco joined Shireburn as a developer in 1992 and has held various roles including leading the company’s development, heading the operations team before then moving into a business development and sales function.

Over these years Franco has dedicated himself tirelessly to providing value and support to Shireburn’s customers John de Giorgio, the founder of Shireburn in 1983 and now Chairman explains that “Franco has the most sought-after leadership style: he is a guiding force for all the team, passing on his knowledge and helping them to feel empowered and ready to take on leadership roles themselves. Franco has had a huge impact on the culture but his impact internally on the upcoming generation of leaders has been particularly significant.”

CEO Yasmin de Giorgio explained how “throughout his time at Shireburn, Franco has demonstrated unparalleled dedication and commitment, working tirelessly to help us achieve our goals. Having him mentoring the team with the redevelopment of our Shireburn Business Suite (Accounting, Inventory etc) is huge and we are blessed to have such extensive knowledge of the product and how we can best deliver value to our clients, at hand.”

The team at Shireburn would like to take this opportunity to congratulate and thank Franco on this impressive milestone and look forward to seeing him continue to excel and to many more successful years at Shireburn.


Log4Shell / Log4j Vulnerability: Shireburn’s Response

The recent identification of the Log4Shell/Log4j vulnerability (CVE-2021-44228) has exposed many computer systems to significant security risks, including potential system hacking.

As part of our ISO 27001 certified processes, on identification of this vulnerability our team immediately commenced investigation of any potential risks to this vulnerability exposing us or our clients.

Immediately, Shireburn received requests from our clients to clarify our position on this vulnerability, and the following are probably the most frequently asked questions from our clients.

1. Does your organisation have any systems or infrastructure that are known to be affected by the recently announced Log4j vulnerability?
2. Has your organisation taken any action to asses the potential impact of the vulnerability on critical vendors, suppliers, or subcontractors?

These questions open up two areas for consideration:
1. Are any of Shireburn’s own software products vulnerable to the Log4j vulnerability?
2. Are any of the software products that Shireburn relies on to operate its business, such as billing systems, payment systems, CRMs, and so on, vulnerable?

Shireburn’s software products

Shireburn’s own software products, such as our Indigo, Payroll, HR and Time & Attendance solution, as well as the Shireburn Business Suite products like the Shireburn Financial Manager (SFM), the Shireburn Inventory Management System (SIMS) and the Shireburn Freight System (SFS), are not exposed to this vulnerability.

3rd Party solutions

Shireburn utilises a number of third-party developed software products to operate our business. These are identified in our published sub-processor’s list which forms part of our data protection policy.

We have undertaken an assessment of potential vulnerabilities of these third-party suppliers and are satisfied that we, and thus our clients, are not exposed to this vulnerability.

At Shireburn we take security seriously, as shown by our certification to ISO 27001, and we regularly assess our internal systems for all risks, including the latest Log4Shell vulnerability.

The Sophos suite of solutions that we use immediately updated automatically to protect against this vulnerability, as it does with the numerous daily vulnerabilities that are detected worldwide by Sophos. These actions, along with system monitoring, keep our systems protected from all threats old and new.


Shireburn Software appoints Yasmin de Giorgio as CEO

Shireburn Software is pleased to announce that Yasmin de Giorgio will take on the role of CEO from 1st August 2021. Shireburn’s founder, John de Giorgio, will take on a non-executive leadership role as Chairman of the Board. Franco Galea will maintain his executive role and will continue to serve as a director on the Shireburn Board.

Yasmin has earned her recognition as a serial entrepreneur after founding three successful businesses within five years. She has spent the last ten years building start-up businesses in innovative fields and is passionate about personal development and mentorship.

“Shireburn has been successful for nearly 38 years only because we have learnt how to reinvent ourselves and our solutions to remain of value. This is another moment where we are starting a new cycle and I am proud to be handing over a solid legacy to the new CEO and the management team, many of whom have been with Shireburn through two or three of our significant times of change.

Of course, to be handing over through a generational change makes this transition extra special for me, and in many ways Yasmin’s strengths could not be more suited to the needs of the company at the present moment. She learnt about the realities of business the hard way, through her own entrepreneurial ventures, so she is accustomed to the responsibilities that fall onto the shoulders of CEOs. Her combination of people management skills with business acumen and strategic vision, and the technical competencies of the team are exactly the leadership qualities that Shireburn need for the next phase of our story.”

While John de Giorgio will be spending a lot more time on his other interests, he will also be strengthening the role of the Shireburn Board as Chairman. This will allow him to mentor the team, contribute on company strategy and ensure that the responsibilities Shireburn carries towards its clients are upheld.

Franco Galea will continue his executive role, particularly in respect of the requirements definition related to the transition of the current products to the Indigo Platform, as well as that of a Director of Shireburn, and will also contribute to the mentorship and guidance of the leadership team.

John de Giorgio said “I would like to take this moment to express my gratitude to Franco for the priceless role he has played in our story and for his tireless energy that he will still be contributing to Shireburn’s future. Franco will also be working alongside Yasmin during this transition.”

A letter from the CEO

Although taking on the role of CEO comes with many duties, the one I will carry forward most consciously is the sense of integrity towards our clients, that both my father and Franco have role modeled and championed over the years.

Shireburn was built on this principle and until this day many of the strategic decisions we take are informed by these relationships of trust with our clients. It is a value I am extremely proud to inherit from both of them, and one I will carry forward sincerely.

Over the years watching them both grow Shireburn from a one-man band into the market leader it is today, the software business seemed alien to me. However, since then, I have experienced the importance of software in business from the side of the user. How instrumental software can be to managing a business, and also how frustrating it is when things don’t quite work the way they should.

These experiences made me realize what my father and Franco have known all these years; that software is not only about coding, software is all about the end-user and making their lives better.

To achieve that requires an incredible symphony of people from coders, product engineers, designers, testers, team leaders, the customer support team and all the enabling functions of HR, accounts and so on. Those who know me as an entrepreneur, where I founded and run the Sanya Eco Spa, will know that I am driven by the satisfaction I get from impacting people’s lives. A huge part of that is mentoring and supporting individuals to grow personally so that they can be part of a better whole.

“The success of an individual lies in the team, and the success of the team lies with the individual”.
It is a particularly exciting time to be entrusted with the leadership of the company since we have embarked on developing a new accounting and inventory system.

We currently have thousands of companies using products within our current Shireburn Business Suite and Indigo range and providing them with continuity was a key factor in our decision. In light of that principle as well as investing further in transitioning more of our solutions to the Indigo cloud-based platform we are continuing to invest in our resources not just to maintain existing products but to keep improving them. Our new systems will be developed with integration capabilities to our previous accounting and inventory solutions and other third-party products to ensure that all our customers can keep working with their chosen combination of products while they transition to the new platform.

We have been market leaders in the accounting and inventory software solutions field for decades and we are in the privileged position of being able to blend the experience of past success with exciting new ideas for the future.

On a more personal note, I am looking forward to leveraging my experience in the sector of personal development and wellbeing to the Shireburn Human Resources strategy, and one of the key factors in the decision to take on this challenge was the abundance of talented individuals who embody a lot of the values that I hold dear; humility, integrity, and a desire to be of service to a bigger vision.

As with many people, I am a multi-faceted individual, with many passions and interests and my unwavering commitment to the business that I founded, Sanya Eco Spa will remain a pillar of my life. I am grateful to my team at Sanya for doing such an amazing job at running the show since I have been an active part of the Shireburn leadership team for some time, without significant impact to our operations at Sanya.

I look forward to this new phase in my life where I have the unique opportunity to impact people’s lives on an ‘outer’ level through software and on an ‘inner’ level through our wellness programs at Sanya. It also helps to know that I have a secret weapon to draw upon in ensuring my own work life balance, with Sanya’s sensory deprivation tank.

I look forward to updating Shireburn’s clients with more information about the leadership teams we are assembling and some personal development and CSR programs that are very exciting and innovative.

Yasmin de Giorgio