Indigo Performance – Performance reviews have never been so safe and effective

Performance reviews do not have to be a strain. On the contrary, they can be designed to work hand in hand with your company vision, providing a safe process to grow your management and staff.

In addition, your HR department may be struggling with getting it all organised. We all understand however that performance reviews are necessary for an organisation which fosters growth and wellbeing for its employees, and is seeking to create a healthy work culture based on honest and authentic feedback and communication.

Indigo Performance was designed so that your performance reviews are a happy and safe experience for everyone. With this simple, yet effective tool you can create unlimited survey templates with either pre-written or customised questions that match your company’s objectives. The unique ‘Question Bank’ feature contains a library of questions which have been carefully formulated so that employees can feel safe and comfortable with their replies, and management can focus on the strengths of the individual. The Question Bank will be regularly updated by Indigo so that questions remain on par with the insights Shireburn has of the Employee Performance field. In addition, HR can opt to have completely different questions for employee and manager, enabling it to assess replies based on different criteria.

Department or function managers have visibility of their team members’ details, their past reviews and the status of their current review, while HR administrators can see all of this in more detail for all of the company’s employees, and employees will have access to their very own personal screen where they can view all their past and ongoing reviews.

Indigo Performance has been created always keeping the people’s experience in mind. We understand the sensitivity of such reviews and that is why we have created a tool that is reliably confidential. Employee and manager have full control of their reviews into the system, allowing them to decide when to publish their replies for the other party to see. Only once both reviews are published, do they become visible.

Your HR department will also have the flexibility to create ‘confidential questions’ which can be targeted at only one party, the employee or manager. Questions and replies will only be visible to them, allowing either the manager or employee to safely open up about and difficult issues they may be facing.

With Indigo Performance by your side, you can put your mind at ease that the complexities (whether administrative or at a human level) of performance reviews will be a thing of the past.

Indigo Performance is fully integrated with other Indigo platforms.

Why choose Indigo Performance?
A safe and positive experience for HR, management and staff.
Fully confidential.
Select questions from the Question Bank, or customise your own.
The Question Bank is regularly updated by Indigo.
Enhanced 9 box analysis: Measure employee potential, performance, teamwork, skill set, value, engagement and more.
Create an unlimited number of assessment and follow-up templates.
Send reminders straight from the system.
Take your time to complete responses or assessments and only publish once you’re done.
Have visibility of the review status and monitor progress.
Keep yourself updated with follow-up notes.
Gain an understanding of performance across the organisation.


Erremme Business Advisors present their ‘Supplier of The Year 2023 Award’ to Shireburn Software Ltd

This week, we were excited to receive the prestigious ‘Supplier of The Year 2023 Award’ from Erremme Business Advisors,  Presented by Erremme’s Director, Tracy Buttigieg, and Administrative Assistant, Raquel Seguna, to Shireburn’s Head of Customer Success & Partnerships, Charles Mifsud, and Senior Support & Implementation Agent, Terence Vassallo, the award recognises Shireburn Software’s unwavering commitment to excellence. 

This accolade is a true testament to our relentless dedication to providing unparalleled customer service and after-sales support. It also highlights the robust partnership we’ve cultivated with Erremme over the years. 

As a prominent local professional services firm, Erremme Business Advisors offers a comprehensive range of services to businesses both in Malta and beyond, consistently providing the most appropriate solutions to its numerous clients, guaranteeing their success and the potential to further build on their vision towards future growth.  

Since the inception of our collaboration in 2018, Shireburn Software has had the privilege of providing Erremme with our cutting-edge Indigo Suite, comprising of HR, payroll, and attendance software solutions. 

Looking ahead, we are deeply committed to further strengthening our nine-year partnership with Erremme. We remain steadfast in our resolve to earn their continued trust and support as we navigate the ever-evolving landscape of their business needs and challenges.

Photo: Director, Tracy Buttigieg, and Administrative Assistant, Raquel Seguna at
Erremme, present the award to Shireburn’s Head of Customer Success, Charles Mifsud, and Senior Support & Implementation Agent, Terence Vassallo.


The Indigo Mobile app just got better!

Book and manage leave through the app on your mobile device!

Yes, that’s right. It was the obvious step for us to have this mobile-first approach in order to further simplify the way your staff book and manage their leave.

Up until now, Indigo subscribers have been using the Indigo mobile app to conveniently clock in and out and have visibility of their shift schedules, while management, HR and payroll teams make use of the app to track, analyse, and support staff attendance as smoothly and readily as possible. In addition, the Indigo Mobile app allows real time, seamless, full integration with Indigo Payroll and Indigo Time & Attendance.

The Indigo mobile app is seamlessly integrated with Indigo’s browser version. This means that you can monitor the impact of your actions on the mobile app through the Employee Portal.

What are the benefits of the Indigo Mobile app?
This is a real app. You don’t need access through a browser.
Available for both iOS and Android systems.
Book leave from anywhere and at any time.
View your shift calendar from anywhere and at any time.
Clock in and clock out using your phone.
Monitor off-site employees’ locations.
Real time integration with Indigo Payroll and Time & Attendance.
Multiple job profiles permitted.
User friendly experience.


Have you heard about Indigo’s newest Hiring module?

Start creating streamlined and simplified recruitment strategies today. 

We understand that employers want to hire the best people in the shortest time possible. Indigo’s freshest, easy-to-use Applicant Tracking System will streamline the creation, process, management and overview of the entire hiring journey, right until the successful candidate is fully integrated into other Indigo platforms. 

The cherry on the Indigo Hiring cake, is that it allows you to create your very own customised Careers page with your company brand, in a few easy steps. Once done, you are then ready to publish your open positions. 

With Indigo Hiring’s dashboard you can monitor all your vacancies and the activity log for your company’s Hiring profile and also assign hiring managers who can sift through the many applicants and use a handy scorecard that will help you select those candidates that are closest to what you’re looking for. You will now be able to receive notifications, chat with the hiring team and applicants through the system, as well as confidently keep track of the entire hiring journey. 


It’s Certified: Our Security and Quality standards are top notch

Shireburn Software achieved ISO 27001:2022 (Information Security, Cybersecurity and Privacy protection) and ISO 9001:2015 (Quality Management Systems)


Earning and retaining our clients’ trust is what drives our people’s work ethos every day. And it is this need that fosters an environment in which we strive towards achieving the highest of standards which are recognised by The International Organization for Standardisation (ISO).

ISO 27001:2022 (Information Security, Cybersecurity and Privacy protection)

In today’s data-driven world, ensuring the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of sensitive information is crucial for businesses across all industries. At Shireburn Software, we are proud to announce our latest achievement: the upgrade of our current Information Security Management System (ISMS) to be ISO 27001:2022 certified.

Standards met and what It means for Shireburn Software

Why is version 2022 more rigorous than 2013? The ISO 27001:2022 certification appeals to those medium and large organisations which prioritise security, either due to industry standards or internal policies. Achieving the ISO 27001:2022 certification a year ahead of schedule is a testament to Shireburn Software’s dedication to excellence in cybersecurity. We believe we are the first software company in Malta to have attained certification on the latest 2022 version. This accomplishment not only sets us apart but showcases our proactive approach and commitment to staying ahead of industry standards, reinforcing our position as a leader in data security. This serves as an opportunity to remind users of the robust security features embedded within Indigo:

– We make sure that data is only accessed by those authorised to do so.

– We ensure that your data is protected against unauthorised alterations, maintaining consistency and trustworthiness.

– We make your data available and accessible when needed by those authorised to do so.

This certification marks a significant milestone in our commitment to cybersecurity excellence and highlights our dedication and continuous efforts to providing our customers with an exceptional level of data protection.

Why is ISO 27001:2022 important in the business world?

ISO certification sets forth internationally recognised guidelines for implementing effective management systems, ensuring consistency, efficiency, and security across various organisational processes. Achieving ISO certification signifies adherence to rigorous standards and best practices, providing assurance to stakeholders regarding the organisation’s commitment to both quality and security.

With our latest attainment of the ISO 27001:2022 certification, we’re proud to reaffirm our position as leaders in information security, cybersecurity, and privacy protection. This updated standard, which builds upon its predecessor ISO 27001:2013, emphasises a risk-based approach to information security management, ensuring organisations can adapt to the ever-evolving threat landscape effectively, marking a notable stride forward whilst highlighting our dedication to information security leadership and meticulous planning, encompassing budget allocation, and internal scheme implementation across security leadership at all levels.

Furthermore, our renewed ISO 9001:2015 certification for Quality Management solidifies our commitment to continuously improve our highly renowned products and customer focused approach. Through this Quality Management certification, we showcase our proactive approach in improving our internal processes to achieve and deliver the best possible services.

How it benefits our customers

Our organisation exclusively equates itself with the highest level of security standards. With the ISO 27001:2022 certification, we solidify our commitment to security, ensuring that our customers can trust us with their sensitive data. Our message is clear: “At Shireburn, we will never compromise the importance of Security.”

In conclusion, attaining the ISO 27001:2022 certification represents a significant milestone in our ongoing commitment to cybersecurity excellence. By surpassing industry standards and embracing the latest advancements, we empower our customers with the confidence to navigate the digital landscape securely. To learn more about our commitment to security and how it benefits your business, reach out to our team today.


Revolutionising Workplace Culture: Shireburn’s Happiness Advantage 

Shireburn Software hosted an event called “The Happiness Advantage” on March 6th, 2024, at the Corinthia St. George’s Bay. The event brought together a diverse group of business leaders, HR professionals, and enthusiasts eager to explore the intersection of happiness and productivity in the workplace. 

The event featured some big guns in the industry, both international and local, who shared their insights and expertise on fostering a culture of happiness and its impact on organizational success. René Carayol, who coaches some of the top leaders and companies in the world, delivered a captivating keynote speech that inspired attendees to rethink traditional approaches to HR. “Usually we focus on the things that our team are not good at, what if we turned it on its head and put our attention to the 3 things that people are great at?” 

Yasmin de Giorgio, CEO at Shireburn Software, highlighted the importance of a happy work environment. She shared some eye-opening data that made it clear that ‘Happiness is the new productivity’. She showed the link between turnover, sick leave, and overall productivity with company performance. One such statistic she shared showed that a toxic work culture is more than 10 times more accurate than compensation in predicting company attrition rates.

The event also allowed attendees to engage with the Shireburn team and learn more about their recently launched and upcoming HR features, including Indigo People Plus, Indigo Performance, and Indigo Hiring. 

In addition to thought-provoking sessions, the agenda included a fireside chat on curating the right environment featuring Mikela Fenech Pace, Vinny Piscopo, and Andrew Borg Wirth. The discussion explored various aspects of creating a harmonious workspace conducive to joy, productivity, and creativity. 

Helen Chorley encouraged leaders to take happiness seriously and invest in their own capabilities of listening. Her and Yasmin also discussed the importance of creating an inclusive leadership team where women can feel empowered to give their contributions. 

Yasmin de Giorgio closed the conference by saying, “We feel deeply passionate about being part of the journey towards the future of HR and see ourselves as a support system. Our software gives us an incredible base, but we have always been more than just software providers, we have always taken our clients’ challenges personally. We aim to make our passion for happy workplaces have ripple effects through the entire ecosystem of local corporate culture.”