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Redefining people management through technology

November 4, 2019

by Nathan Farrugia - CEO at Shireburn Software

Whatever the size of your team or nature of your business, HR teams have no small feat ahead of them in today’s employment market. With more than 35 years supporting HR departments and more than 75,000 employees using Shireburn’s platform, the company understands the challenges of people management.

Shireburn believes in technology that can work to reduce much of the administration that HR teams get caught up in, streamlining processes and investing in automation. Freeing up time to allow the organisation to focus on what really matters – its people. Here’s how.

Indigo Suite is an award-winning and cloud-based people management platform for payroll, leave, attendance management and more. Consolidation is key, as employee details, payroll calculations, leave balances and attendance data are all merged into one solution, drastically reducing the amount of time spent manipulating data and risking error.

Not only can HR access Indigo Suite from absolutely anywhere but so can the rest of the organisation. Employees can apply for leave remotely via an employee portal and their managers can approve on the fly.

There’s no room for error with payroll. The biggest nightmare for any HR executive is to be embarrassed by payroll blunders and lose the staff’s trust. Payroll needs to be accurate, every time. And Shireburn gets it. The company invests time and personnel in ensuring its systems are up-to-date with all legislative changes, and back this up with quality assurance and support teams who understand just how precise the payroll system needs to be.

Individuals need to be empowered and given the tools to be able to manage parts of their profile within the company, with online leave applications, payslips, and FS3s that are ready for download, amongst other features.

In addition to an online leave application and approval process, staff can check their leave balances, and view a shared calendar so they know who’s available each day.

Indigo sees to the attendance management needs of various organisations. From simple setups like an office environment to more complex requirements of hotels with shifts and rosters, Indigo provides all the facilities to be able to track employee attendance and clocking with direct integration to payroll.

One of the latest additions is a mobile app that allows staff to clock in and out of work using the one device that’s always with them – their phone. This is great news for companies who find the investment in clocking devices to be too costly, or for those who have remote staff, as employees can make use of their phones to clock in, triggering a GPS verification, which can be authenticated via passcode, fingerprint or face ID.

Once you’ve decided to improve and automate your people management processes, the Shireburn team can guide you through several quick and easy setup and migration options and ensure that your business operations go uninterrupted throughout.

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