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Introducing Proximity for Indigo Attendance, the feature that builds your Scheduler for you

November 6, 2020

by John van Vliet - Documentation Specialist

Indigo Attendance makes managing a schedule for a company of any size and rostering requirements easy thanks to customizable shift details, cost management tools and attendance tracking features.

Even so, we know that maintaining a roster still requires plenty of your time and attention – especially when staffing needs and changes come unexpectedly. Having to then adjust your schedules manually is tedious work. On the other hand, if you have the type of roster where everyone works the same fixed schedule day after day, week after week, tending to that schedule can be a dull experience.

That’s why we created Proximity, a feature that updates your scheduler for you, allowing you to focus instead on the work ahead.

“With Proximity, one does not need to preplan or maintain the Scheduler in environments where standarised attendance times apply, said  Leonard Tanti Bellotti, Product Owner at Shireburn Software. This applies to fixed day work for all employees, factory-type settings where multiple shifts exist and each shift has distinct attendance times or a mix of both.”

How does Proximity work?

The Proximity feature in Attendance populates your Scheduler on your behalf by using the actual clocking data that you import into the system. This means that you can build your Scheduler by importing clocking data into Indigo.

Proximity works by comparing an employee’s first clock-in time of the day with the start time of their assigned shift options. When the system finds a match – or an approximate match in the case of late or early clock ins – Indigo will allocate that shift for the employee to the Scheduler. You can help Indigo allocate the correct shift by assigning shift presets to groups or departments in your company.


Use Proximity to update your Scheduler when shift data is modified

Proximity also helps you adjust your already-built Schedulers, an especially helpful utility for when employees shifts or roster requirements suddenly change. It is also great for automatically updating your existing schedules after details of shift presets data, such as attendance tolerances, shift duration, break times and rewards, have been modified.

Because Proximity builds your Scheduler by using imported attendance data, it means that your staff can go ahead and swap shifts, and Indigo will modify your Scheduler to reflect those changes. The same applies to instances where shift details changed in your system.

So, don’t fret about having to waste time reconfiguring your perfectly built schedule – let Proximity fix it for you!

Proximity manual allocation

Start using Proximity today

If you are ready for Indigo to handle your schedule building for you with Proximity, here are articles to get you started:





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