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Shireburn Indigo now has 70,000 users on the platform

July 29, 2019

by John van Vliet - Documentation Specialist
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Shireburn Software’s cloud-based payroll and time and attendance software reaches yet another milestone in user subscription, affirming the platform as a premier payroll and employee management solution in Malta.

We are thrilled to announce that Shireburn Indigo has reached 70,000 users locally, in just over two months after crossing the 60,000-user mark!

Indigo reaches 70,000 employees!

Our clients love the ability to do payroll while on the go, while also enjoying the benefits of applying for their own leave and viewing their payslips and FSS reports, amongst other features, in their employee portals. All this is thanks to Shireburn Indigo being a cloud-based solution, meaning you can access the platform at any time and from anywhere.

Every day, we are working together with our clients to migrate data from SPS to Shireburn Indigo. Around 25,000 of our users have joined Indigo after using other payroll systems or Excel. Shireburn Indigo makes the payroll process smooth and easy, and the platform’s HR  tools help meet all your company management needs. 

We want to dive into three areas that we think make Shireburn Indigo the success it has become: its cloud-based versatility and security, its own HR tools and functions, and the ease of calculating payroll for any-sized company.  

Doing payroll securely and quickly thanks to the Azure cloud

The appeal of working remotely coupled with the dependability of SPS has helped Shireburn Indigo reach the 70,000 employee milestone. Our clients praise Indigo’s web-based workflow and the smooth transition from SPS to the cloud solution.

Indigo’s move to Microsoft Azure gives our clients far more flexibility and freedom in how they do their business. Payroll and employee management tasks no longer need to be tethered to a single office desk or desktop computer. Multiple administrators can also access their company’s Indigo system remotely and work simultaneously. Additionally, cloud computing provides enhanced security and system backup reliability.

“Microsoft Azure has become the standard cloud platform, and this is because nearly all companies use it for their cloud-computing needs”, said Warren Schembri, our System Administrator Team Leader at Shireburn. “Microsoft provides some of the most advanced security technology in the industry, so you can be confident that your data is safely protected”.

Shireburn Indigo reduces administration headaches with HR tools

Calculating payroll is only a small part of running a business. Generating reports and managing employees make up the other significant parts of day-to-day processes. 

Shireburn Indigo has many HR functionalities to make everyday employee management a breeze. Take a look at how Shireburn Indigo provides useful HR functionalities for your organisation:

If you use BambooHR for your administration requirements, you can integrate it directly with Indigo.

Shireburn Indigo eases the payroll calculation process

Shireburn Indigo removes much of the manual calculating needed when adjusting payrolls for your employees’ vacations, sick leaves, and benefits. How does Shireburn Indigo help minimise extraneous manual calculating? 

  1. First, it uses pay items to calculate gross pay, which can be anything from basic pay rates, bonuses, fringe benefits, deductions, reimbursements, and a whole lot more. 
  2. Tax profiles can be linked with pay items so that the appropriate tax is deducted from the employees’ gross pay.
  3. All approved leave taken by your employees adjusts the total time worked by each employee in each payroll. (If you have Indigo Time & Attendance active, you can import and send attendance data to automatically adjust payroll calculations.)
  4. Come payday, just apply global pay items and make any minor adjustments before calculating and finalising the payroll!

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