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Shireburn Bake Sale for a Good Cause

June 23, 2017

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After a week of enthusiastic menu planning, the day finally arrived for Shireburn staff to bring homemade sweet and savory goodies to work, baked by themselves.

Bake Sale 2017 - 1We’ve been lucky enough to be introduced to a very special little boy, currently awaiting a heart transplant overseas. All proceeds from this bake sale will be going towards helping him and his family to get through this very difficult time. We send out our love to this courageous boy and his family and wish them a speedy return back home!

The variety at this year’s bake sale proved that Shireburn’s team are not only great at all that is tech, but they’re also masters in the kitchen! The yummy delights ranged from Peanut Butter Cake to Cinnamon Roll Cookies, Bolognese and Salami Stromboli and Cheese Muffins just to name a few.

Bake Sale 2017 - 2A huge well done to all the staff who dedicated their time to baking these treats, and an even bigger well done to all those who bought these goodies, enabling us to raise funds for a super good cause.

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